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  1. https://moonlight-stream.org/ for nvidia cards http://remotrapp.com/ for both nvidia and amd Here's also a thread where someone else talks about setting up something similar.
  2. Looks like I've passed the 22 hour mark with no issues. I'm going to mark this solved. Thanks again @Benson& @johnnie.black
  3. Thank you both for the quick responses. I disabled the auto-overclocking options and disabled global C-state. Will let it run overnight and see if my issue persists.
  4. Hello! I'm having a bit of difficulty with a fresh install of Unraid. I have only enabled a Time Machine backup share, the Fix Common Issues plugin and installed docker. No containers running, no additional plugins installed. After about 22 hours my webconsole hangs and I am unable to SSH or ping the device. Here are the steps I've taken so far: Memory Test (no errors) New memory (and tested, see screenshot) Different USB drive Putting USB into different slots (USB2 & USB3 slots) --- currently in 2.0 slot Disconnecting all my drives and running on just the USB Check that all cables are secure and snug Check that ram is secure Running Troubleshoot Mode (that is how I captured the logs) Pulling my hair out Here is a complete list of the parts used for my device: https://pcpartpicker.com/list/Rqwm4q What's strange is that it is consistently 22 hours. I'm not sure if that means anything. Sorry if I missed any other details, this is my first time using Unraid or posting help on this forum. If there is anything else I can include or try, please let me know and I'll get on it ASAP. Thanks tower-diagnostics-20190721-2211.zip FCPsyslog_tail.txt tower-diagnostics-20190721-2311.zip tower-diagnostics-20190721-2241.zip