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  1. Hello, Has anyone been able to use pagespeed module with this container, as in just getting a so into the appadata folder and having nginx load it.
  2. Booting from flash drive works. No go with eMMC.
  3. Hello, I was lucky enough to get myself an Odroid H2 and now anxiously trying to get it all working. I managed to manually install unRAID on the eMMC as my SD to USB adapter was blacklisted. eMMC was formatted as FAT32, files copied over. Device boots fine. First sign of trouble is that it doesn't get an IP address. Stuck at 169.x.x.x. Second sign something is up is that when I run diagnostics after logging in, I see the file under /boot/logs/ but I do NOT see if when I attach the eMMC back to my PC. So /boot isn't being properly mounted. I'm guessing I'm going to need some syslinux.cfg wizadry here since /dev/d* is not available whatsoever, nor is /dev/mmc* once booted. What logs do you guys need to get this sorted? Thank you!