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  1. I use CA Backup / Restore Appdata, it can keep older versions aswell
  2. As the title says, i am scared to touch anything, please tell me what i should do next
  3. Can someone direct me on how to downgrade to 6.6.7 please? Also is my data safe if i downgrade?
  4. I am on RC4 and yesterday I saw some strange behaviour from my sonarr docker. I have the share set up correctly for media however sonarr kept trying to write to a full drive. The drive had about a gigabyte free and it would delete about 2 gig then write more than that until the drive was 100-percent full then delete and go then maxing out the read and writes on the drive making the whole system going to a halt. There is plenty of space on other drives but the sonarr docker was fixated with this one full drive. I had to use unblancer to free up some space and then Sonarr finished whatever it was writing in about 10 seconds. very strange.
  5. Looking forward to trying this, what was the issue in the end?
  6. Ah thanks, I'll keep it set to overnight, as the mover always messes up my Kodi playback. (I can't change the Kodi cache, but that's a different Problem) Is it possible to limit the speed, only write to the array at 4mbs for example.
  7. is it possible to move files immediately after they have finished writing? (like a physical HDD cache?) So it can write to cache (fast) then trickle feed it to array. keeping the cache empty and only using it as, well, a a cache for new files?
  8. @limetech may we have an update please?
  9. I am also experiencing alot of these issues. How easy and safe is it downgrade?
  10. Dockers have been on 24/7 I moved appdata to the cache on the 9th of August. No corruption yet. Sonarr, Radarr, Plex, SAB
  11. Did you see a performance increase in read speeds after rolling back. Some people have report much faster read/write speeds after rolling back, and I would probably do it for this reason alone. Are Dockers, VMs and Community Apps affected by downgrading?
  12. True, I don't really need a cache drive either, but i had a couple of 240gb SSDs gather dust from an old project. But if there is a difference with the way data is handled cache vs array, there might be some clues in there as to why this is happening.
  13. I have had my dockers on the cache since the 9th (of August) and no corruption yet it used to happen at least once a day, I have CA BACKUP AND RESTORE running every 12 hours so if it corrupts it's a 2 minute fix to restore. FYI, SABnbzd has never corrupted in any configuration, ever for me.
  14. Have you guys found any clues yet? This is very bizarre