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  1. I remembered to grab my diags this time, its just done it again
  2. I have restarted to bring them back, do i need to wait until it happens again?
  3. Apologies, attached
  4. Over the past 6 months User shares have been disappearing periodically. Normally about twice a month. I'm not sure exactly when it happens, but a full restart brings them all back. But it did happen today and i have todays log (below) How can i start diagnosing what is causing it? Or what is likely to be the culprit? Version: 6.9.2
  5. I am getting reads on all of the disks in my array every few seconds, preventing them from spinning down. The reads are only a few kbs I have looked with the open files plugin and no files appear to be open. I stopped all VMs, no change. I stopped all docker containers, no change. I stopped the docker service, this seemed to fix it. Having docker running with no containers causes the micro reads across all drives again, in the main array and the cache I have attached diags
  6. Bumping as I found this on Google, i was to use multiple GPUs for emby, GTX970 for h.264 and GTX1050 for h.265 there's no point in the 1050 doing all the when there are multiple streams, some of which the 970 would happily do.
  7. Hi, if i run this with Network Type: Bridge I can connect to my MQTT Server and send messages, but the harmony hub doesn't see the the HABridge If i run it with Network Type: Custom br0 it is found and connects fine to the harmony hub but wont sent MQTT messages
  8. This is very helpful thank you, and thinking about it there is no real benefit to server or Home Assistant staying online during a power cut, as I wouldn’t be able to use anything anyway. Looking at getting a 1400va. Currently have a 7 year old 700va. I did think about having 2nd UPS on the TV, but after all the calculations (based on what I think is a reasonable cost) I might get 20 minutes of runtime. Which doesn’t seem worth worrying about. I will get a 2nd 1400va UPS so I can still run network equipment and POE / DVR Security cameras for an hour or so. (60 watts total). That seems like a better plan. Thanks again
  9. That's awesome thank you. The idea is, when the UPS goes on battery. to shutdown most VMs and Dockers and to spin down disks (ideally with no I/O activity or set their spin down time to a few minutes) to maximize the amount of time the server can stay on battery for.
  10. Is there a way to spin up all disks? or call a user script to do it?
  11. I download cracked versions of every game i purchase, for archiving. I want be able to have to option in 20 years, to play the game I purchased today, even if it's long after the store is gone.
  12. Just signed in and noticed all of my libraries are gone and if I got to make a library it asks me to install Plex media server?
  13. I use CA Backup / Restore Appdata, it can keep older versions aswell
  14. As the title says, i am scared to touch anything, please tell me what i should do next
  15. Can someone direct me on how to downgrade to 6.6.7 please? Also is my data safe if i downgrade?