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  1. Okay sorry to hear that, so is the docker image running in home assistant and not on unraid itself? I have heard some users have issues with that and I'm looking into it but I'm not sure what the cause is. If that is the case I'd say try running the unraid api docker on unraid itself and see if that works
  2. @BudgetAudiophile there is a guide on the GitHub but let me know if more detail is needed. https://github.com/ElectricBrainUK/UnraidAPI/wiki the variables are under docker installation and on unraid you just edit the template and click add variable at the bottom. @Jokerigno I'm still not sure sorry, are you seeing messages on your mqtt broker? Do you have any other integrations between mqtt and HA?
  3. Hi all, Sorry for my delay in replying to these I will reply to them in order: Can the api update all topics periodically? Yes it already does this (by default once an hour but that can be changed with the MQTTCacheTime variable) Adding support for other docker images is on my list - I hope Ill get time to do it soon if not over the holiday period is likely I will also add the ability to control user scripts in a similar time frame as this would be a great feature @Budget Audiophile I believe you have 2 Glances one in HA (which you can see and details VM stats) and one on the Unraid server which you need to connect as an integration in order to see the stats for I will also add the ability to pause and resume the pairty check in the next update as I dont think itll be too difficult to do Thanks all
  4. Hi, it does not include a broker, you need to set your own up and connect it, let me know if you need any help with that. Here are some notes from the home assistant team: https://www.home-assistant.io/docs/mqtt/broker/
  5. Hey, that is unusual - was this configured automatically or manually?
  6. Oh dear - silly me, sorry about that Pushed a fix
  7. I have pushed an update with a fix for the "on" tag Thanks for pointing it out
  8. Okay cool thanks, I'll look into it in the morning and let you know
  9. I may have found a bug, could you please confirm if you have any VMs and / or attached USBs on those servers?
  10. Hey, it looks like you are doing the right thing - there may be an issue with the on check let me look into it - is it just the on check that is incorrectly reported?
  11. I have set up 2 pfsense vms on 2 unraid servers for redundancy and they are mostly working fine except for 2 things: 1 the speed seems to cap out at about 130mbps when I should be getting closer to 1gbps (both in bits not bytes) even internal transfers on 1gbp ethernet cap out at about 130mbps (RAM and CPU utilisation are in the 10-30% range) 2 carp weirdly only works on other subnets, for example if Im connected to the 192.168.1.x subnet I can connect to the carp address for the 192.168.5.x subnet ( and not the carp address for the subnet Im on ( vica versa with the other networks. The WAN carp is completely unreachable on the parent subnet. I have read that this can be an issue with VMs not being able to broadcast to and from their physical nics, could I solve this by setting the MAC address in the xml to the same as the MAC of the physical NIC? I dont have the pcie card passed through directly as that was causing problems for me in pfsense itself with them being unsupported (I tried with the default and vmxnet3 drivers with no joy). I have since isolated 3 ports on each nic (onboard nic from dell r710s) and passed them through as 'direct' in the xml like so and ensured that unraid does not use them for anything: <interface type='direct'> <mac address='52:54:00:8f:45:36'/> <source dev='eth3' mode='vepa'/> <target dev='macvtap2'/> <model type='vmxnet3'/> <alias name='net2'/> <address type='pci' domain='0x0000' bus='0x0a' slot='0x03' function='0x0'/> </interface> Any ideas? Any help is much appreciated!
  12. Thanks a lot and Im always looking for suggestions to make things clearer so thank you for that! Im planning to release an update soon so will include that. Im glad that it is working for you now though that is the main thing. Yes the shutdown is graceful, not forced. Pause is not an auto discovered device as not everyone wanted it when I was setting that up. You have to configure that manually, here are some details on doing that: https://github.com/ElectricBrainUK/UnraidAPI/wiki/Home-Assistant-Integration For example for pausing a docker it would be something like the bellow - the docker name would have to be the same as what is broadcast by the unraidapi on MQTT: switches: - platform: mqtt command_topic: "homeassistant/servername/dockername/state" payload_on: "paused" payload_off: "started"
  13. Yeah youre right the second request for username and password is probably redundant I will remove it in a future update. But root and your root password is correct yes. However it is unusual that the default are back in the unraid api docker config after editing them, they should persist as the new username and password and Im guessing that is why it is getting unauthenticated on your MQTT broker. Sounds like a problem with the unraid server itself, do other changes to any of your docker file configs persist? If not it might be worth restarting or updating your server.
  14. Ah right, the username and password should be the ones you set up when you configured the mqtt broker and you'll also need to add those to the mqtt config you have in your home assistant here: Unless of course your broker doesn't have a username and password in which case you should leave them blank in your unraid API config as well. It sounds like your server is properly set up in the unraid API if you can see and control it from there. However you should only connect the unraid server itself there, not to the home assistant docker which is why you're seeing the following in the logs: You can use the manual config section on the left to delete that entry and ensure the unraid server UI is the only listing. Otherwise it all sounds good, so hopefully we will get to the bottom of your issue soon!