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  1. In unraid with the docker removed and the app data config deleted you should be fine. For HA I'm less familiar but removing the docker and then all data in the share as well as any references in the config should work fine. For others that come across the issue with cpu usage that jokeringo and I have discussed here there is a solution: https://github.com/ElectricBrainUK/UnraidAPI/issues/33
  2. No that is not normal but killing the process or rebooting your server should fix
  3. That's correct except the discovery prefix should just be homeassistant (without /tower)
  4. Do you have auto discovery enabled in your home assistant mqtt config? And do you have it configured to the same base topic that the unraid api broadcasts on?
  5. That is unusual you shouldn't have to do that, glad it's working now and thanks for letting me know. I'll see if something weird happens with the cookies when you upgrade and try to do it automatically for new users For cpu load and temperature I would recommend glances as it has all this information already and I didn't want to repeat someone else's work!
  6. 503 errors suggests that your unraid api can't connect to your unraid host, how is the networking set up? If you're using a custom bridge the docker network can't communicate with the host. Can you access your unraid ui yourself via a web browser? It is also is possible your username configured is not root, or the password you entered was wrong
  7. Hey, thanks for letting me know It's strange, it could be a couple of things, do you have the mqtt broker configured? The default broker is hassio Otherwise if you have entered hassio as an ip in the ui it might do that The third option is it's a bug but I think I would've noticed myself as I also use pihole, let me double check that though!
  8. Ah right, weird that it can't connect. Are you sure that you can connect to the unraid host? Doing a test from a VM doesn't necessarily mean it will work as it is to do with how the docker engine handles the custom network: I would test using the console in a docker just to be sure if that's okay?
  9. Glad that it is working now - let me know if you need anything else
  10. That is weird, sounds like all should be fine then. Is there a chance the password entered was wrong?
  11. Okay interesting, can you access the unraid ui normally? 503 suggests it's struggling to connect to unraid so it could be a username password thing, it could also happen if the unraid ui was down, or it could happen if you have the api on a bridge with its own ip address and you're trying to connect to the host (unraid network setup doesn't let you do this).
  12. Hi, For the username did you use the root account? Others don't work at the moment.
  13. Thanks, glad you found it useful and could use it to make something even more useful
  14. Hi, I don't maintain or have anything to do with UUD sorry. If the docker containers work in the ui for the unraid api then you will have to ask for support from the UUD guys.