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  1. Hi, Sorry I'm not familiar with that particular client but in theory I don't see why it wouldn't work with any mqtt broker. Is the information you are after not on the far right of the first line of your image? Cheers
  2. Hey, this page details how to set up switches and sensors manually - let me know if you get stuck or need help. Or if I have misunderstood the problem https://github.com/ElectricBrainUK/UnraidAPI/wiki/Home-Assistant-Integration Cheers, Will
  3. Hey, Sorry for the delay! Is there anything unusual in the logs? Regarding the other bits I can have power off soon but not sure how to implement on, maybe wol. Not sure at all about torznab though - does it have an API? Cheers, Electric Brain
  4. Hey, No not sleep, does unraid support sleep? It can start/stop the array and will be able to restart/ shutdown the host at some point. Cheers
  5. Sounds like there is a problem with the mqtt connection, can you confirm if you see the mqtt messages being sent when container states change? Also is there anything unusual in the logs?
  6. Most major things are listed here: https://github.com/ElectricBrainUK/UnraidAPI/wiki/Home-Assistant-Integration Uptime isn't explicitly but it will report when it turns on so if you're using home assistant that would know uptime. I'll add it to the list though Unraid version isn't there yet but I'll also add that to the list. If by apps you means dockers/ VMS that is there, nothing for plugins though
  7. The person that added that is Ezra a member of our community but as I said best to reach out to him on the discord server as he is not active here, here is the invite link: https://discord.gg/Qa3Bjr9
  8. You can try our discord though, the link is in the first post of this topic, there are a few others there that might be able to help!
  9. Oh cool I didnt know you could add packages like that, thanks! I had been using !include for each thing but my sensors and other files were getting a bit large so this would be a good way to break them up. But Im afraid I really don't know what the problem is sorry! The only thing I can thing of is that the template is creating a sensor with the same name as a glances one, though I thought that would just append a _2 to the id.
  10. I also have them split but for your sensors you had them inline already so I just used that as an example. Where is your glances configured in the integrations section?
  11. Ah okay, so when you add the API sensors it should be as above? That wouldn't explain the issue with glances anyway.. Does the unraid stuff show up or is both the Glances and unraid stuff missing?
  12. That is strange, you havent ended up with two sesnor: tags in your configuration.yaml have you?
  13. Regarding time frame on the add-on I'm not sure but it certainly won't be as long as months! Maybe 1 but if I get an evening where I have a lot of time I'm sure I'll be able to do it. No that looks right to me, does the ha config check return anything unusual?