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  1. Hey, I've replied to your message on discord but if you'd rather discuss here that is no problem, my initial thoughts are around the unraid ui being accessible
  2. Hey - sorry for the delay it took a bit longer than I first thought. If you check the beta tag for the api you should be able to get images by just sending the image url to the api. So normally you would have http://unraidServerIpAddress/state/plugins/dynamix.docker.manager/images/bazarr-icon.png now it is http://unraidapi(:port)/state/plugins/dynamix.docker.manager/images/bazarr-icon.png
  3. Hey, Thanks and also great idea, looks good! I love to see others doing work with the API and this looks like it'll be very useful I'm happy to help with the images, but instead of downloading them I could just proxy the unraid versions right? Unless you think that'll cause an issue? Good spot on the typo, I'll have a look at fixing it but I don't want to break anyone's automations that are already based on the typo, whoops
  4. That is great that it worked! Im glad and happy to help. As for the switch I think for now it is best left to be manually added, as some people may not have the sleep plug in so I wouldnt want to add the switch to their config. Ill see if I can detect this and set one up automatically in the future. However for now if you add the following to your home assistant config: - platform: mqtt command_topic: "homeassistant/sger_unraid01/sleep" payload_on: false, payload_off: true, value_template: "{{ value_json.on }}", state_topic: "homeassistant
  5. Ah yeah there was a bug, I’ve pushed a fix if you could try again that would be great
  6. Ah you’re right, the command I gave you is wrong, there should be no / before homeassitant. Thank you for your help, I appreciate it, there is no need to apologise these things often take time to work out the teething issues and by helping me test you are being very helpful.
  7. Hey, sorry for the delay - you don’t need to worry about the REST one using home assistant. Could you try updating again and trying again with the mqtt command now? Could you also let me know if there is anything unusual in the logs after you run the command?
  8. Hey @ph0b0s101 thanks for the details, I have updated the beta tag with a sleep command, if it works fine for you Ill move it into the latest tag. If you dont know how to switch tags, when you edit the docker, under repository add :beta to the end of electricbrainuk/unraidapi to make electricbrainuk/unraidapi:beta. If you are using Home Assistant / MQTT you need to call it via /basetopic/servername/sleep or via the REST API it would be POST /api/changeServerStatus { action: "sleep", server: "IPAddress", auth: Base64(user:password)) If you could let me know how you get on that would
  9. Ah okay sure, just a thought. If it is just a delay then I would say it was probably because your MQTTRefreshRate variable is too fast, MQTTCacheTime is also a little fast but that shouldnt matter as much. Try setting them to at least 5.
  10. Hi both, sorry for the delay. @Jokerigno Ive looked and I cant see why you would be experiencing this issue, the only thing I can think of is your home assistant appears to be in a language other than English, do you think it could be because my unraid api isnt playing nicely with that? Seems unlikely but it is the only thing I can think of. @ph0b0s101 sleep is definitly achievable but I would like to know if you currently sleep your unraid machine and how you do it? Hooking into an existing function would be easier than writing one from scratch but one from scratch might be m
  11. Hey, that is unusual, I'll take a look tomorrow as well. However I don't recommend having a mqtt cache time and refresh rate of one, you could end up spamming your home assistant and slowing it down or even crashing it depending on the spec of your home assistant box/VM
  12. Okay great, I'll let you know when I have an update, will take a look tomorrow
  13. Hey, I'm glad it has been useful! Just to check do you mean sleeping the unraid host? I could probably do that relatively easily