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  1. The user is always the root user+password combination. Including the Https:// shouldn't make a difference either way - if it continues to fail it may be worth checking your logs
  2. Yeah looks like there is a memory leak - unfortuantely I dont have the time to fix it. Happy to merge pull requests if someone else has the time to look into it. @bobobeastie I just have https://hash.unraid.net as I only set it up via https and not via myservers plugin
  3. As you mentioned you should be using the hashed url not the ip - the host unreachable error suggests to me that you have the unraid api on a custom bridge on the same machine as the unraid box itself? Unraid does not allow custom bridged dockers to reach the host. It looks like you have this set up in both home assistant and unraid? You only need the api in one or the other - I would recommend using the unraid one as the home assistant one is unreliable and outdated. It also looks like youre hosting the mqtt broker on home assistant - assuming that is all set up correctly with auto discovery and the unraid api is configured to read in from the unraid server you should be good to go
  4. What was your discord username? I thought I'd replied to all of the active chats but may have missed you sorry. I am not familiar with UUD though as that is developed by a separate group
  5. Hey - you can use anything you want for the api key - it is used like a password to restrict access to the api
  6. Hi all @Jokerignoi I don't have a way to save the state right now but I can look into it. Though I'm not sure how it would work @tasmith88 Those fields are for the mqtt broker, you need to open the UI of the API and connect your server there @giustancas Sorry but the API installed via home assistant is not working well and I don't have time to support it I'm afraid - I'd recommend using the docker on unraid rather than on the homeassistant itself
  7. Hey - you should check your MQTTCacheTime variable - it wont update all the topics until that time elapses (default is 1 hour) as this saves spamming your home assistant
  8. Hmm, everything looks correct - do the mqtt topics continue to be updated? I may have to try and replicate this as the hide function has always worked in the past and I don't really know why it isn't for you sorry
  9. The 503 error means it is failing to authenticate but there could be a lot of different reasons as to why - check your unraid server logs, it might be that because of the restarts etc the server has blocked it for too many requests, may just be worth stopping the docker over night and trying again in the morning. Otherwise there could be new security changes on the new rc but unfortunately I won't be able to check until next week as I'm going on holiday tomorrow. One thing to check though, what is the network config for the docker itself? Is it just a port on the servers IP? Or have you bridged it its own ip? If it has its own ip it can't communicate with the host
  10. Hi, The logs from the unraid api are what I need, the error you have shared is when the request comes via mqtt however when you do it from the unraid apis ui itself the logs will not contain mqtt etc. and may give a better idea of the issue. Once you have hidden a device from that menu you need to delete it from home assistant as it remembers old devices even once they stop sending messages Cheers
  11. Hi, are you able to start and stop that docker from the unraid api ui? What about from the unraid ui as well? Could you share the logs for the former as well Thanks
  12. Okay thanks for letting me know, it is very odd and I've not seen this behavior before but I will try to reproduce it using the details you've provided
  13. That looks relatively normal, do you have any mappings other than /app/config?
  14. Hi, I'm afraid I've not seen this error before and I don't know what could be causing it. Is there anything in the logs for the unraid api that is suspicious? Or the system logs when the writes are high? Otherwise there is this issue where forcing the api onto a background thread causes it to behave unusually: https://github.com/ElectricBrainUK/UnraidAPI/issues/33
  15. Assuming you have zigbee2mqtt set up with an mqtt broker that is connect to home assistant? If not look into zigbee2mqtt and an mqtt broker Once you have that set up, you want to set up the unraid API adding all of your mqtt broker details in the docker set up, then on the UI adding your unraid server details. There is currently no way to trigger user scripts from the API. So what you would do is create an automation in home assistant that when you press your zigbee button, it turns on VM A and then VM B rather than calling the script.