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  1. I have a friend that is interested and will pay via paypal. What is the cost to ship it to 84095?
  2. N40L with 4 3TB and 1 1TB drive upgraded and started up without a problem. No problems to report yet, everything is smooth sailing. It appears as though most problems are minor and/or are related to plug-ins so hopefully those that have berated you in the past have the huevos to commend you now. Great job!
  3. One more feature request for the active streams add-on (when time permits of course). Can you add a third tab that shows the history of streams? It would be nice if the info on the active streams tab could be added to a log file and displayed with a time stamp on a new "history" tab. Paginate the history with 20 results per page (or something similar) and add a "clear history" option to allow us to delete the logs. To ensure the logs don't get filled up because people are unaware or don't check often enough, this could be tied in with the notification script.
  4. same here ... but i must admit I'm also still running add-on: unmenu and simple features. I just started a preclear and I seem to be getting these errors. I am also using simple features. CONFIRMED: I took out Simple Features and the log entries stopped. Tracked it down to email notifications in Simple Features. Stopping email notifications stops the log entries. Makes sense. I use SF beta7 but don't use the email notifications feature and have zero entries for this error in my syslog.
  5. I followed the instructions for upgrading from b14 to rc1. When I rebooted, my parity and disk drives were not assigned and the message displayed is "Stopped. No Devices". My flash drive and cache drive showed up and were properly assigned. My parity/disk drives all show up in the drop down lists for each drive and I know exactly where to assign each disk, but I don't want to assign them and start the array without checking in first to see if it's the proper procedure. I would hate to lose 10TB of data.
  6. I just looked at the date the report was generated and it is from a manual resync/parity check I ran on Sunday. I'm not sure why, but my notifications are being delayed. I just received my unraid status message from 12:47 AM last night. I'll look into it on my end first to make sure it's not an smtp problem.
  7. Still on b7, I just received some resync notification emails (two emails, 8 minutes apart), which is odd because it's only setup to resync at the end of the month. I logged in and there isn't a resync in progress, in fact, all of my discs are spun down.
  8. foxxiee- I have a setup very similar to what you're trying to do. I have a N40L with four 3TB drives, an external 1TB drive plugged into the esata port (it's configured to be a sata port via a bios hack), and a 2.5" SSD cache drive mounted in a 6-bay drive enclosure which I put in the optical drive bay. I'll use the other 5 bays in this enclosure as soon as I find a sata controller card. My programs are all installed in a folder on my cache drive called ".apps". Be sure to name it .apps so the mover script doesn't try to move your programs. The problem with this type of setup, is that it doesn't offer any kind of backup to these folders. If your cache drive fails, you lose your programs. To offset this, I've added the following to my /boot/config/go file: echo "rsync -a /mnt/cache/.apps /mnt/disk3" >/etc/cron.daily/ chmod +x /etc/cron.daily/ This adds a daily cron job that uses rsync to backup the .apps folder to one of my array drives. If my cache drive dies, my .apps folder is backed up. This is a big deal because in addition to my sabnzbd, sickbeard, couchpotato, headphones, and crashplan applications being completely backed up, so is my mysql databases and my xmbc thumbnail folder. I recommend using unraid version 5b14. For a new user, the plugin system is the easiest way to go. If you go this route and need any help, let me know. It sounds like our setups will be very similar.
  9. Yes that is possible. I've made an update to the active-streams package. You can download it here Tip: If your clients are using fixed IP addresses then you can add them to the file "/etc/hosts". Doing so will display the name instead of an IP address. Great job! I tried this out at and it works flawlessly. Don't worry too much about the part to kill the stream. I've actually been modifying the smb.conf file each night at bedtime to restrict the kids from the shares when they should be asleep. It's a manual approach, but it works. I'll probably further automate it by creating a cron job to modify the conf file and then restore it at set times every morning and night.
  10. The same thing is happening to me. The only thing I've done recently is update this add-on and install the iTunes server. My Total Array size is 10 TB (Correct) My Used size shows 524 TB (incorrect) and the Free size shows 476 TB (also incorrect). It appears as though it's leaving a period out of the totals. It should be 5.24 TB free and 4.76 TB used.
  11. Amazing job! Would it be possible to add the ip address to the list of info on the active streams plug-in? I have 8 xbmc devices that are setup to stream from my server and it would be nice to have this for several reasons. If I'm doing maintenance and need to reboot, I can see if someone is actively streaming and go talk to them directly rather than run from room to room to figure out who's streaming. Also, I've caught my kids watching TV after bedtime. It would be nice to be able to check this for active streams and know exactly which child is watching TV or if it's my wife in another room. My devices are all setup statically so for me, identifying a device by ip address is really easy. To further enhance this, and I don't know if it's even possible, it would be awesome if a "kill" link could be added next to each stream so that when clicked, it would kill the stream. Again, great job!
  12. Nice find. Costco also has a 3TB Seagate GoFlex for $139. I bought one yesterday and opened it up. The drive inside is a SATA 6 Gb/s 7200 RPM drive.
  13. I replaced a 1TB disc with a 3TB disc as instructed via the wiki. The new disk is currently being rebuilt but I can't access the array via SMB. Is there anything I can do to enable SMB while it's being rebuilt (another 9 hours left). Is there a command that I can enter via CLI to enable SMB? Any help is appreciated.
  14. Now that I've removed it and put it back into the server, it's no longer failing the SMART (short) test on unraid. The failures yesterday were read failures.