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  1. I have a friend that is interested and will pay via paypal. What is the cost to ship it to 84095?
  2. N40L with 4 3TB and 1 1TB drive upgraded and started up without a problem. No problems to report yet, everything is smooth sailing. It appears as though most problems are minor and/or are related to plug-ins so hopefully those that have berated you in the past have the huevos to commend you now. Great job!
  3. One more feature request for the active streams add-on (when time permits of course). Can you add a third tab that shows the history of streams? It would be nice if the info on the active streams tab could be added to a log file and displayed with a time stamp on a new "history" tab. Paginate the history with 20 results per page (or something similar) and add a "clear history" option to allow us to delete the logs. To ensure the logs don't get filled up because people are unaware or don't check often enough, this could be tied in with the notification script.
  4. same here ... but i must admit I'm also still running add-on: unmenu and simple features. I just started a preclear and I seem to be getting these errors. I am also using simple features. CONFIRMED: I took out Simple Features and the log entries stopped. Tracked it down to email notifications in Simple Features. Stopping email notifications stops the log entries. Makes sense. I use SF beta7 but don't use the email notifications feature and have zero entries for this error in my syslog.
  5. I followed the instructions for upgrading from b14 to rc1. When I rebooted, my parity and disk drives were not assigned and the message displayed is "Stopped. No Devices". My flash drive and cache drive showed up and were properly assigned. My parity/disk drives all show up in the drop down lists for each drive and I know exactly where to assign each disk, but I don't want to assign them and start the array without checking in first to see if it's the proper procedure. I would hate to lose 10TB of data.
  6. I just looked at the date the report was generated and it is from a manual resync/parity check I ran on Sunday. I'm not sure why, but my notifications are being delayed. I just received my unraid status message from 12:47 AM last night. I'll look into it on my end first to make sure it's not an smtp problem.
  7. Still on b7, I just received some resync notification emails (two emails, 8 minutes apart), which is odd because it's only setup to resync at the end of the month. I logged in and there isn't a resync in progress, in fact, all of my discs are spun down.
  8. foxxiee- I have a setup very similar to what you're trying to do. I have a N40L with four 3TB drives, an external 1TB drive plugged into the esata port (it's configured to be a sata port via a bios hack), and a 2.5" SSD cache drive mounted in a 6-bay drive enclosure which I put in the optical drive bay. I'll use the other 5 bays in this enclosure as soon as I find a sata controller card. My programs are all installed in a folder on my cache drive called ".apps". Be sure to name it .apps so the mover script doesn't try to move your programs. The problem with this type of setup, is
  9. Yes that is possible. I've made an update to the active-streams package. You can download it here Tip: If your clients are using fixed IP addresses then you can add them to the file "/etc/hosts". Doing so will display the name instead of an IP address. Great job! I tried this out at and it works flawlessly. Don't worry too much about the part to kill the stream. I've actually been modifying the smb.conf file each night at bedtime to restrict the kids from the shares when they should be asleep. It's a manual approach, but it works. I'll probably further automate it by creating
  10. The same thing is happening to me. The only thing I've done recently is update this add-on and install the iTunes server. My Total Array size is 10 TB (Correct) My Used size shows 524 TB (incorrect) and the Free size shows 476 TB (also incorrect). It appears as though it's leaving a period out of the totals. It should be 5.24 TB free and 4.76 TB used.
  11. Amazing job! Would it be possible to add the ip address to the list of info on the active streams plug-in? I have 8 xbmc devices that are setup to stream from my server and it would be nice to have this for several reasons. If I'm doing maintenance and need to reboot, I can see if someone is actively streaming and go talk to them directly rather than run from room to room to figure out who's streaming. Also, I've caught my kids watching TV after bedtime. It would be nice to be able to check this for active streams and know exactly which child is watching TV or if it's my wife in anoth
  12. Nice find. Costco also has a 3TB Seagate GoFlex for $139. I bought one yesterday and opened it up. The drive inside is a SATA 6 Gb/s 7200 RPM drive.
  13. I replaced a 1TB disc with a 3TB disc as instructed via the wiki. The new disk is currently being rebuilt but I can't access the array via SMB. Is there anything I can do to enable SMB while it's being rebuilt (another 9 hours left). Is there a command that I can enter via CLI to enable SMB? Any help is appreciated.
  14. Now that I've removed it and put it back into the server, it's no longer failing the SMART (short) test on unraid. The failures yesterday were read failures.
  15. I just installed a new 3TB HD yesterday, formatted it, moved some data on to it and then started my parity sync. During the parity sync, there were 288 errors reported on the new disc. Every time I tried running a smart report on the drive in unraid and kept getting results saying it failed the smart test. Today, I decided to take the drive out and run it through the seagate seatools program. I ran all the tests (smart, short generic, long generic) and the drive passed all tests. I'm not sure if I should try starting over with the drive in unraid or if I should RMA it and get a new on
  16. This is a very viable option and could probably be made into a plugin to help manage it.
  17. This type of access restriction would work though if either the server or the devices connecting were on a separate vlan, right? I would like to enable this same type of setup to restrict my kids from watching their ATV when it's bedtime on a school night. Or if they're grounded, I can easily restrict access for the duration of their punishment right from my TomatoUSB based router. What type of adverse side effects would this have though? Crashplan should still work (LAN Backup) as should accessing the shares via an ATV device. This obviously adds an extra hop into the mix and put
  18. One more thing I found interesting about my order from Staples. All three drives were ordered separately so I could use a $25 off $75 coupon for each one. Each drive was ordered within minutes of each other and all shipped at the same time. The interesting thing is, all three shipped from different warehouses on the east coast and arrived at my local UPS facility at different times (actually, one is still en route after going through Phoenix last night).
  19. I received one of the three drives today. Opening it up was pretty easy as was removing the drive once it was open. I ran the drive through the seagate warranty tool and it shows that there is still 1.5 years left on the warranty for the drive itself. I'll install it as my parity drive later tonight after the wife and kids are in bed and the server is no longer being used. That will give it time to rebuild the parity overnight and should be ready when the other two drives arrive tomorrow. The 3TB drive itself is model ST3000DM001 - SATA 6Gb/s - 7200 RPM. I'm very happy with this
  20. Newegg has it on sale for $270 with free shipping and a free 2TB hard drive.
  21. I use this server with 5b14, sickbeard, sabnzbd, couch potato and crashplan and have no problems with it. I upgraded to 8GB of ram and have 6 apple TV's that stream from it. I highly recommend it. I'm actually thinking of picking up another one to turn into a dedicated crashplan server.
  22. The HP deal is still pretty good. I was in dire need of more space. I was at a little more than 90% capacity on my 3TB with oly 50% of my DVD collection ripped and only three of my 8 computers backed up via crashplan. My three 3TB drives shipped today and will arrive next week. My system will be busy adding in the new drives and accepting all of the new data coming its way. Hopefully my new Asus rt-n66u ships next week so my network will quit crashing. My Netgear can't handle all of the connections and streams I'm throwing at it and it has to be rebooted every other day.
  23. Bummer...keep an eye on it just in case inventory pops back up. I think this deal is supposed to be good all week. There's a chance they could get more inventory.
  24. It takes a little work, but it's not difficult. I just ordered three 3TB hard drives for $111 each. Directly from SlickDeals: Seagate FreeAgent GoFlex External Hard Drives: 2TB USB 2.0 Drive (STBC2000100) $90 or less, 3TB USB 3.0 Drive (STAC3000101) $130 or less + Free Shipping has 2TB Seagate FreeAgent GoFlex USB 2.0 External Hard Drive for $109.99 - $20 off coupon code 97751 = $89.99 with free shipping. Staples also has 3TB Seagate FreeAgent GoFlex USB 3.0 External Hard Drive (STAC3000101) for $149.99 - $20 off coupon code 97751 = $129.99 with free shipping.