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  1. Just popping in to salute you @binhex - great work at implementing fallback servers, and nextgen PIA ! Keep up the great work, it is very much appreciated
  2. I am experiencing a weird issue, and have been for a long time. DelugeVPN starts perfectly fine, port forward is setup and everything is running smooth, both Deluge and Privoxy. But after a while Privoxy stops working and I keep getting ERR_PROXY_CONNECTION_FAILED, and no matter how many times I refresh my browser, the page doesnt load. Deluge is still running fine, and downloading and all. This is the latest output from the log in Docker with DEBUG enabled: Full log from when I started the container is here: https://1drv.ms/t/s!ApdX8TySRpgNhOBVBjOAJqRVlvF2DQ?e=W0nb4u
  3. Pretty sure its the same we all started experiencing since friday. I just checked today though, 5 minutes ago, and mine I running fine on the Swiss server again.
  4. I have been looking around and I see that their next-gen VPN service is a complete redesign of their server infrastructures. I dont know what needs to be fixed, but I see that "docker-wireguard-pia" has implemented their next-gen servers 3 days ago. They now has a variable "USEMODERN=0/1" to be able to connect to the next-gen servers. https://hub.docker.com/r/thrnz/docker-wireguard-pia Github: https://github.com/thrnz/docker-wireguard-pia In one of his commits he writes: I hope some of this info helps, as it would be awesome if this could get implemented in DelugeVPN aswell, so we can keep using our favourite VPN servers
  5. I just got reply from customer service at PIA, and thought their answer might be of interest to you @binhex I dont know what the "Next Generation network" does in the desktop app, but it might involve some changes to delugevpn in some way? I dunno, here you have it atleast
  6. I am getting the same curl error, Exit code 56 when using the Swiss server .ovpn file. When I tried with Sweden it worked though. Could you see if you maybe experience the same? I think it might be a PIA issue tbh.
  7. Hmm ok. Sounds like it might be a permissions issue then. Does it save all other preferences you change in Deluge?
  8. Default password is deluge. Have you tried entering that and change the default password from the preferences menu?
  9. I am not at all an expert, but what pops in my eyes is that you are missing a whitespace before the "\" in your -v parameters: -v /share/cachedev1_data/downloads/deluge/data:/data\ -v /share/cachedev1_data/downloads:/download \ -v /share/cachedev1_data/downloads/deluge/config:/config\ -v /etc/localtime:/etc/localtime:ro \ Should probably be: -v /share/cachedev1_data/downloads/deluge/data:/data \ -v /share/cachedev1_data/downloads:/download \ -v /share/cachedev1_data/downloads/deluge/config:/config \ -v /etc/localtime:/etc/localtime:ro \ See if that works?
  10. [SOLVED] I just installed this in docker on my Synology NAS but I have a problem with torrents not downloading or being able to send announce. All I get is Error: Connection Timed Out. Looking in my supervisord.log file I don't see any indications on any issues. Just so I dont spam this thread with a mile long log, you can see my log here: https://pastebin.com/5uEgUbhh I have forwarded the port from PIA in my router. Do you know what could be the problem? EDIT / UPDATE: I got the torrents to kinda work. The problem was that I had also setup a VPN connection in DSM. After deleting that and restarting Docker and my DelugeVPN container, I now got the announcement working. But it is not really downloading anything or it is being super slow. It looks like it keep disconnecting to the peers. This is my Deluge network settings. EDIT / UPDATE 2: I finally got it to work. My download paths was wrong. I added another mount by adding the line "-v /volume1/docker/deluge/downloads:/downloads" and pointed my download path to "/downloads" and that was the trick. I didn't realize that the path "/volume1/docker/deluge/downloads" wasn't accessible in the docker container. Anyways, instead of deleting my stupid post here, I will leave it for other newbies to find, ind case they run into the same trouble
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