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  1. Swapping to the USB 3.0 qemu XHCI emulated drivers fixed the issue for the KB. Will see if the audio is fixed later
  2. Ahh I see. I thought it was more straightforward than that. Would it help to have USB 3.0 selected in the configurator for better speeds on USB disks? Probably also why my USB DAC/amp crackles as well. Thanks for the tips.
  3. Just checking off the KB / using the Hotplug USB plugin. I don't have a usb card yet but I'm planning on one for my pile of usb devices.
  4. My keyboard and mouse lighting effects have a stuttering issue when passed through to my Windows VM (ie. it normally is a smooth 60hz, now it's 30~). I don't have a problem when I'm running Windows barebones. Sometimes my mouse also feels like it has difficulty tracking for a split second, but that may just be because I'm bad.
  5. Following this guide from Spaceinvader One: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UilWLtMYd-U&t=192s I passed through my motherboard's ASMedia USB controller to my Win10 VM. This leads to the VM being unable to boot. Normal boot gives this warning: vfio_err_notifier_handler(0000:05:00.0) Unrecoverable error detected. Please collect any data possible and then kill the guest But three of these errors show (two of them id 04:00.0) show when the controller is passed through. 05:00.0 is my GPU, 04:00.0 is the USB controller. Not even the UEFI/Tianocore logo is displayed, my monitor just says there is no signal. As for my devices, the controller is in its own IOMMU group: IOMMU group 16 [RESET] 04:00.0 USB controller [0c03]: ASMedia Technology Inc. ASM2142 USB 3.1 Host Controller [1b21:2142] I have already added 1b21:2142 it to the vfio-pci.ids list. PCIe ACS Override is set to Both (for passing onboard audio, though I have yet to try just downstream/just multifunction). For some reason devices plugged into the USB ports of the ASMedia controller have also stopped showing up after stubbing it (I think, will update if that's not the case). Can anyone give some pointers as to what I've missed? Thank you and have a nice day~