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  1. These are great, both working. Thanks again. I sorted out the port forwarding in my router for Days of War and I have my local game visible in the in-game browser, confirm all works! The day of defeat one works too, slight problem with getting bot programs to work but that's normal, Linux versions for dod classic AI Bots are problematic anyway.
  2. Gift sent to your steam ID. Enjoy Days of War.
  3. Hi ich777, requesting a game docker for Days of War, just released. If you need the game I can send a gift to you via steam. (I think yours is 'Chips' ?) The developer already has a wiki up and it has a Server Administration page here. Thanks for the day of defeat:source docker and others by the way, having lots of fun with these! Edit: reminds me, never sent a donation for your help on RCBot2 set up for dod:s, just fixed that.
  4. Hi John, I think you would have to add those to each of the client PC's in a autoexec.cfg as it says in that guide. It makes sense that it would not work from the server.cfg, its the clients console that's the problem. Verified the game files? By the way, doing the same with dods with my son... and his sons playing on ich777 's Dockers. Loads of fun. I have not seen the spam in the TF2 one last time I played, I'll check the boys pc's.
  5. Yep, worked, the explanation makes sense it was a naming issue after all, it helped me understand a little more on the volume mapping as well. Just for others if you install RCBot2 for TF2, HL2DM or DoD:s... there is also another folder to rename or the bots will not follow waypoints. The waypoint folder also needs the "serverfiles" rename... Rename.... appdata\dods\dod\addons\rcbot2\waypoints\dods to appdata\dods\dod\addons\rcbot2\waypoints\serverfiles Bots will now follow waypoints. Thanks for this, there are not many playing this game but those that do will really appreciate the convenience of the unraid, docker, metamod, sourcemod, rcbot2 LAN games. I'll post to the guys over at RCBot2 forums and give them an install guide, the combination of unraid and the game server dockers is very cool. It means our LAN has... CSS, dods, TF2, HL2DM... all with fill in Bots to add.... and that's just the Valve games. I'm also the HL1 version of day of defeat, your cstrike1.2 docker template can be changed to run it, I have it running smooth with metamod and amx Mod. No bots on those older games yet but likely will face the same issue as the TF2, HL2DM and DoDS dockers. Awesome work man, this is so much fun
  6. Link fixed ... Yes I'm sure the files used in testing are the best set for a Linux dedicated server, I used the same files on my Ubuntu based VM's. Version 1.04 r47 3 is for RCBot1 (goldscource HL1 games) RCBot2 is for Half Life 2 games, best version is here, RCBot2 1.04 v491-apg... I have tried different folders for the "rcbot" folder and you can set that folder up in different locations as per the RCBot2 instructions, what really matters is the VDF file that tells MetaMod Source to look for the plugin and that is verified as correct as it works in the Ubuntu based VM structure. I will test more locations, it is what I suspected and checked first as it is the most common error by far by user installs. The only debug messages I can get is to change a map via rcon "rcon map dod_kalt" and read the dod/log output file... ...the two MetaMod Source plugins that did load there is Sourcemod and SDK tools and it works perfectly. The rcbot2 VDF file at the time of that console output was ... The SourceMod VDF that did load is... I think the error is path related, but not sure why, hence the actual files used (in the now fixed link) may help.
  7. Hi Ich777, Forum will not let me post for some reason, always ended in a hidden post and a "you reached your maximum posts" warning so I made another account and inserted the below as asked  First, thanks for work on this. I have the Day Of Defeat Source steamcmd docker and all works well including MetaMod Source and SourceMod. Also have tried TF2 and Half Life 2 Deathmatch. One thing I cannot get to work with those three Dockers is a MetaMod plugin called RCBot2, fantastic for a small LAN party as it boosts up the server numbers on those three games if required. and So as I said plugins like MetaMod Source and SourceMod work... but not RCBot2, not sure why as it will work on my Linux VM's (tried it on Ubuntu and even Zorin OS 12/4 Lite) rock solid its just not loading on the Docker install. Note all this is on my local LAN... for LAN party use using my Unraid server version is 6.7.2. Normally for basic trouble shooting if I put "meta list" in the game console I will get... ] meta list [01] RCBot2 (1.04 (r491-apg-ch)) by Cheeseh, RoboCop, Ducky [02] SourceMod ( by AlliedModders LLC [03] SDK Tools ( by AlliedModders LLC ....but the same mod file set on the Docker files I get... ] meta list [01] SourceMod ( by AlliedModders LLC [02] SDK Tools ( by AlliedModders LLC No RCBot2 plugin, not even a manual load will work. This plugin does require extra file/folder renaming to get set-up correctly, like a waypoint directory must be named the same as the server folder name .... e.g. if your server address are /mnt/user/appdata/dods/ ...then rename a folder containing waypoints under a waypoints folder... /mnt/user/appdata/dods/dod/addons/rcbot2/waypoints/dods it also requires an edit to file /mnt/user/appdata/dods/dod/addons/rcbot2//config/bot_mods.ini … mod = DOD steamdir = dods <--- edit this gamedir = dod bot = DOD weaponlist = DOD Then that's it, it will normally work fine (on a Linux server or a windows dedicated server) but not in this Docker. Any idea why the Docker install is different to a normal Linux dedicated server install? I have the set of files that work on a Linux server if set up with steamcmd and has a dod folder, the files include MetaMod Source and a plain Sourcemod along with the RCBot2 files configured correctly to run in your standard docker address. It also includes a description of the fault and the OS the working files came from. Download is here... I have also installed the docker this came from, mattieserver/docker-steamcmd-server and the results are identical, the RCBot2 plugin does not load at all.