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  1. I'm having difficulty locating this via searching in CA, and my normal method of narrowing results by encasing search terms in quotes doesn't seem to net me less results, or any depending on how I format... how can I find this package in CA's search?
  2. Thank you!! I can see my data drives now, I didn't set parity yet, but will do that now. Thank you everyone who's chipped in here, you all have been extremely helpful and I really appreciate it! Great community!
  3. I've generated a new USB stick, Unraid is running, I assigned all the drives and started the array. SDB and SDE came up as unmountable, so my parity drives. I stopped the array and tried setting everything to no device, then Parity 1 SDB, Parity 2 SDE, then Disk 1, 2, and 3 the remaining drives, but I'm not able to start the array, it's telling me Wrong on those 3 drives, and Missing on the last 2, do I need to clear a config somehow?
  4. and hooray (sarcasm) for SMR drives.... going to take a while to generate, but at least I have a path! I'll be working on this today.
  5. Unfortunately I can't recall which drives were set for parity... they are all WD 8TB drives and I set it up almost a year ago. Is it possible to plug the drives into a windows machine and read the drives?
  6. Looks like I might be in trouble then, the config folder has two folders in it, SSL and plugins-removed. So now I guess I need to set it up again... I know my data is all still there, but I don't know the drives order, etc.
  7. Yes, it is. Whoever wrote the batch file did a great job, it called it out that the volume name needed to be UNRAID, once I set that, it made the drive bootable, but the web interface doesn't come up, and looks like the root password was wiped out.
  8. I can't seem to find an exact match to my issue here, please forgive if it's addressed elsewhere, I did try to search it out, just coming up blank. So my (bonehead) 18 year old needed a USB stick, and you guessed it, pulled my Unraid stick. He did copy the drive contents to his desktop first, then formatted the drive. I copied the files back over again, but it was unbootable. I then ran the makeboot.bat, which did get it booting, but the web interface isn't coming up. I'm able to SSH into the box, but it's not prompting for a password when I log in as root. Am I totally buggered here?
  9. Yeah, I wasn't very clear there, I should have said something like "is it literally any attached mass storage/hard drive, or does it only count against drives that can be used as storage. I was curious if the parity drives counted against the number of devices or not, since (as far as I am aware) can't be used to store files on.
  10. Hey everyone, I'm currently using a trial of Unraid. I've got 4 array/storage drives no cache drive and two parity drives, so I think a Basic license would cover me, but if I ever wanted to add more drives I'm unsure of I need to step up to the middle-tier. I've seen it said that all attached drives count for licensing, but I've also seen it said that cache/array/unassigned drives count. So I'm looking for clarification, is is literally any attached storage device (parity/cache/array, but not the USB boot drive), or does it only count against drives that can be used for storage? Thanks!