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  1. This right here saved me some good amount of time. Thank you!
  2. I solved the problem by disabling Firewall on the VM's, I can now make them ping eachother!
  3. Can you tell me how to put them on the same bridge?
  4. So I'm new to Unraid and I had a question about how to connect two VM's together, where they can PING each-other. I need them to see each other because I'm using wire-shark to monitor the other VM to see what happens and etc. is it possible to do this in Unraid. Both my VM's are currently Windows 10, and are bridged as br0. Am I supposed to route something in the network table to get this to work, or is it something to do with inside the VM OS? Any help would be greatly appreciated, please forgive my complete noobness in the matter.
  5. New to unraid, but it is possibly one of the best experiences i've had with my server configuration and sysadmin work, super smooth, super fast. Hats off to you guys and the community!