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  1. How can I copy paste between my Host Windows and my VNC browser
  2. So I'm trying to edit the description by changing a couple of words, when I press update, it just says updating and nothing ever happens and I have to refresh the browser to get it out of that state, and when I go back to the VM tab, it's the same old description. Is this a bug, is there a way to fix this ?
  3. So I have a Linux VM that I'm happy with at its current state, how would I go abouts cloning it and using it to deploy fresh new one's but with all the configs I've made to the current one, so I don't have to always do it again ?
  4. I know, i'm super noob, I DID search for it, but I guess my wording was wrong Thanks anyways...
  5. So, the title speaks for itself. I have a virtual machine on my laptop that's Linux based, and is running on virtual workstation pro. I want to be able to use my current session within Unraid. How would I go about doing this ?
  6. Hello, I want to access my kali linux vm on my unraid using windows remote desktop. I can access my windows vm's, but don't know how to access my kali on RDP. Is it possible to learn this power? Thanks!
  7. This right here saved me some good amount of time. Thank you!
  8. I solved the problem by disabling Firewall on the VM's, I can now make them ping eachother!
  9. Can you tell me how to put them on the same bridge?
  10. So I'm new to Unraid and I had a question about how to connect two VM's together, where they can PING each-other. I need them to see each other because I'm using wire-shark to monitor the other VM to see what happens and etc. is it possible to do this in Unraid. Both my VM's are currently Windows 10, and are bridged as br0. Am I supposed to route something in the network table to get this to work, or is it something to do with inside the VM OS? Any help would be greatly appreciated, please forgive my complete noobness in the matter.
  11. New to unraid, but it is possibly one of the best experiences i've had with my server configuration and sysadmin work, super smooth, super fast. Hats off to you guys and the community!