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  1. First off I would like to say thanks to the UNRAID team. I have absolutely fallen in love with UNRAID. Being a Linux noob the easy to use GUI of UNRAID is a breeze. I love being able to load up on easy to use Dockers and also giving my girlfriend a computer to use for modeling and gaming is absolutely awesome! One thing I would love to see in 2020 is an easy way to move my files around within UNRAID. Something like the unBalance docker but a bit more baked in. I don't like how some of my shares aren't split correctly on across the array as I specified it.
  2. I started with a simple FreeNAS server as a fun project a few months ago. It was fun but I was always having some issues with it. I figured that it was probably the lack of knowledge of even some basic linux informaiton. I decided to move everything over to UNRAID for fun and was amazed on how simple everything was. The darn thing just wants to work for you. I will be purchasing my Pro license soon and am so greatful of the Lime-Tech to continue supporting such a great product. I also would love to thank those of you here in the forums that are always helping others out. I can not count the number of forums that I read to add more functionality or troubleshoot something with the system.