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  1. Alright. So now i precleared the disk (ofc the server crashed 10 times while i was doing it). I uninstalled preclear and tried to set the freshly precleared disk as a parity. But it still constantly crashes while building the parity and then has to start from the beginning. Fix common problems, has also bugged out about hardware errors and told me to install mcetools. I've done that, but i can't find the logs to determine what hardware is the cause. Here's the newest syslog. syslog
  2. I have both, because i'm not done setting up the server yet. It crashed several times, while i was preclearing the first disk. That is why i have postponed the second drive. I hoped to fix the crashing issue before i have to run preclear again.
  3. Yes, that was one of the times it crashed. After that i removed the network config from the USB and booted the server up again and now it's been running for 44 minutes. It normally runs for a couple of hours before it becomes unresponsive (still powered on, but no WebUI and i can't ping). The last Memtest i ran, was clean. 0 Errors. The CPU cooler is fine and the temp is at 29.8C. I don't know about the PSU, but think it's fine (Corsair RM450). tower-diagnostics-20190814-1810.zip
  4. Sadly as it is, it still is crashing and i can't figure out what to do. I attached the syslog syslog
  5. I turned on the syslog server and found out it had some hardware error. After a some Memtest86, i found the RAM blocks that were causing the issue.
  6. The last couple of days, I have been trying out Unraid, but it doesn't run for more than a couple of hours before it goes unresponsive and I have to hard reset it (long push). Sometimes I even have to delete the network config off the USB. Are there any logfiles that doesn't get wiped off the memory?