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  1. I was able to get to work. here are my settings that worked. eth0 eth1 - I set ipv4 address assignment to automatic eth2- the 10GBE I gave it an IP of x.x.2.21 while the one on my windows pc is set to x.x.2.20
  2. eth0 Bonding was ON turned it OFF. Change ip from x.x.x.20 to x.x.x.197 for eth1. Once I entered new ip to the new eth2 I notice on mac address it tells me that interface is shutdown (inactive.) So applied change. My server seems to still be active. Once I started the array I lost connection to unraid. just for fun I tried out x.x.x.197 ip, no luck
  3. When looking at backup of unraid(so glad I did it) I notice that bonding members of bond0: eth0,eth2 and my bonding mode is at active backup (1). So I am changing ip of eth2 to x.x.x.197 since eth0 is x.x.x.199. I also change bond0: (to just) eth0. so those changes made my connection time out.
  4. Ok so... When ever I set up my 10GBE, I seem to time out of my server. I connect to my system through eth1. after I did my parity process, I notice that I did not set my 10gbe with the ip x.x.x.20 I set up the other port that is on the motherboard with the ip x.x.x.20. So I turn off the parity once it was done and switched the information on the ports even the name eth2 clicked done and connection time out a few moments later. So I am stump can it be the 10gbe card which is a mellanox card is not supported or am I doing something wrong. A good thing I made a backup of my flash so most of my settings are ok hopefully i don't need to do another parity check.
  5. Yup that fix it. I didn't even see the other port. I have the unraid trail signup page running. Thank you @itimpi @trurl for all the help.
  6. Yes i do have another port available. I will connect the other port to the router. I won't be able to give an update until IPMI firmware updates. Unless i don't need to restart the motherboard
  7. Yes i am able to connect IPMI, I am currently trying to find out on what port it is under. So are you thinking that IPMI and unraid on conflicting on ports? Do you have any recommendations to finding the ports associated to ip?
  8. I am able to connect to the motherboard with its own IP address. while I am still unable to connect to unraid with the given ip.
  9. While restarting the machine I do notice that both ports lights are on. But right before the boot process ends both lights would go off.
  10. I am still getting for both eth0 and eth 1
  11. So after looking after the invalid gate I looked inside the network file and my router to see what static ip I gave it looks like I gave it the wrong Ip an the netmask was wrong as well so I correct that. now that the ip is correct I am still unable to connect.
  12. Ok, I check both ports on the card and two ports on the router and I check it again with a seperate cable. on the top of the photo its telling me that "error : Nexthop has invalid gateway" can this be an issue? https://photos.app.goo.gl/i7jfmqa1YHR1oQTG6
  13. I have not been able to to connect to the set up screen for unraid since it has been giving me self assign ips 169.xxx.xxx.xxx. I first thought it was my USB so I got a different one from the recommended hardware a sony storage media, the first one was the kingston traveler. I was still getting the same self assigned ip. A friend of mine told me that maybe its because my mobo nic has no support, So I bought a new nic that is in the recommended list an still its giving me self assign ips. I turn off bonding which then started giving me "ip address not set" I even turn off DHCP and gave it a static ip and I still getting "ip address not set." any help will be appreciated. -unraid ver 6.7.2- asrock EP2C602 G174P Dell Intel Pro/1000 PT PCI-E Dual Port Gigabit Ethernet Network Card here is diagnostics tower-diagnostics-20131216-1015.zip