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  1. is there a way to do this monthly?
  2. hi folks, I am having the same issue, ipv4 not set, when I loook into the config folder, what file am I to look for, is it the network.cfg as below # Generated settings: IFNAME[0]="" DHCP_KEEPRESOLV="no" DHCP6_KEEPRESOLV="no" BONDNICS[0]="eth0 eth1 eth2 eth3" BONDING_MODE[0]="1" BONDING_MIIMON[0]="100" BRNICS[0]="bond0" BRSTP[0]="0" BRFD[0]="0" USE_DHCP[0]="yes" IFNAME[1]="eth3" PROTOCOL[1]="ipv4" USE_DHCP[1]="no" IPADDR[1]="19*.***.***.***" NETMASK[1]="" GATEWAY[1]="" MTU[1]="9000" SYSNICS="2"
  3. 10gb sfp cards are pretty cheap now, a set of intel will cost around $100, best check on ebay for a more update price. they will get you more than enough transfer speeds and easy to set up. you can increase your speed on your windows machine with Jumbo Packet sizes, increase to max and also your transmit and receive buffers, increase them to max and on the bsd machine, your unraid, try the mtu to a higher number
  4. Hello all, I have configured my dell power edge r610 to run Plex, now with the limited storage ability I had to find another source, so I built another machine running unraid and I have set it up, it shows up on the network on windows, I have transferred films over to the UnRaid and that is working ok, on the web based plex on the R610 accessed over the network, I don't see it the drive space.. the operating system I am using on my Dell machine is Centos 7 spare machine has UnRaid any help would be great
  5. sounds so true, I am a big fan of one time cost... yaaaay!! lol
  6. great and thanks for all your help, I am picking my storage server tomorrow, this will be fun thank you again, I will try the trial first, I will most likely purchase it eventually, I am a noob user when it comes with server stuff,
  7. Hello folks, hi, I am new here, I heard about you guys from Linus Tech Tips, and interested in the software however before I purchase it, I have some question I am sure you will be able to help, I am soon to get myself a storage unit server, with some space on it, its for films for plex and maybe other applications, I have it running on Centos and its working fine, my question are, does Unraid run like an independent operating system on a bootable flash drive, will it work on any flash drive, and will I be able to add more storage later down the road does Unraid run like an operating system? what flash drives does it support? can I add more to the system thank you for your time..