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  1. Hello all, I have configured my dell power edge r610 to run Plex, now with the limited storage ability I had to find another source, so I built another machine running unraid and I have set it up, it shows up on the network on windows, I have transferred films over to the UnRaid and that is working ok, on the web based plex on the R610 accessed over the network, I don't see it the drive space.. the operating system I am using on my Dell machine is Centos 7 spare machine has UnRaid any help would be great
  2. sounds so true, I am a big fan of one time cost... yaaaay!! lol
  3. great and thanks for all your help, I am picking my storage server tomorrow, this will be fun thank you again, I will try the trial first, I will most likely purchase it eventually, I am a noob user when it comes with server stuff,
  4. Hello folks, hi, I am new here, I heard about you guys from Linus Tech Tips, and interested in the software however before I purchase it, I have some question I am sure you will be able to help, I am soon to get myself a storage unit server, with some space on it, its for films for plex and maybe other applications, I have it running on Centos and its working fine, my question are, does Unraid run like an independent operating system on a bootable flash drive, will it work on any flash drive, and will I be able to add more storage later down the road does Unraid run like an operating system? what flash drives does it support? can I add more to the system thank you for your time..