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  1. So I am planning on moving from FreeNAS to UNRAID, primarily to take advantage of the flexibility of increasing the size of the array. My current setup is 5 x 2TB drives in RAIDZ and a single SSD as system/docker drive My plan is to buy two 10TB drives but I am not sure about the best way to approach the data migration as I only have 6 available SATA ports in my HP microserver. From what I have read I could remove the SSD and attach a single new 10TB drive then either: 1) Copy the array data to the new 10TB migration drive in freenas, reboot and initialise UNRAID with 1 10TB and 4 2TB disks and then copy data into the new array then replace a 2TB disk with that 10TB migration disk or 2) Init UNRAID on a single 10TB drive, use the zfs plugin to mount the pool disks, copy data to the single drive then add the rest of the other disks to unraid? I am leaning towards number one, but does anyone know if there is a better solution or if there would be any issues with the above? Also I am probably going to be buying WD MyBooks so could possibly use the fact they have USB connection but I don't think the microserver has USB3 so not sure if the transfer rate would be so slow it would be useless? Any advice is appreciated!