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  1. Just an idea, but your Netgear router, does it have "Apparmor" or whatever they call it these days enabled? I remember reading recently a similar case where someone thought that there was an attack coming from their routers IP on one of their IOT devices, but the router was just a netgear with some built in network antivirus BS that tries to scan their LAN network looking for vulnerabilities (trying common logins, etc).
  2. If you install the "Dynamix Active Streams" addon from the community application store, it can show you any open SMB or AFP network streams, which might help.
  3. I'm having this same issue as well. While moving anything to the disk array (IE with the mover) trying to read from the array is a futile effort as it slows down to an unusable degree. Reverted to 6.6.7 and things seem to work much better, with the array usable again while the mover is running.
  4. LTS stands for "Long-term support" or sometimes "Long-term stable". It's a branch of code which is considered finished, polished, and only to receive bug patches and security related patches, but no more breaking changes. Being a kernel, it's the underlying operating system that unraid operates on top of.