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  1. Experiencing same issues as Nafekhbot. Unable to send downloads to nzbget from sonarr and radarr. Error getting response stream (ReadDoneAsync2): ReceiveFailure: ''
  2. unraid-diagnostics-20190827-1532.zip
  3. I'm using unRAID 6.7.2 and just added a brand new 10 TB drive (shucked WDC WD100EMAZ) to my array. It's the only drive connected using a Dell H310 card and I've gotten read errors on the disk the day after installing. I've rebuilt it once and after starting the array the read errors came back, immediately turning the drive yellow again. It's passed the short/extended self-tests, completed the xfs_repair twice, and I'm not seeing any red flags with raw read error rates/reallocated sectors/pending sectors. Attached is the diagnostics, do I just have a bad drive?