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  1. No worries at all. The (2) Unifi 6 Lite Access Point was available through their Early Access Program. These AP are not Gen Release yet. I just didn't realize it required Beta Software. I am just planning to spin up a VM and run their beta software there. Thanks for the response.
  2. Darn. I am stuck on the same boat. Picked up (2) 6AP to replace my older AP. Read that it requires controller running 5.14
  3. Thanks for your response. I found the problem. Actually I do not know the exact reason, but its probably one of my extension in Chrome. Unbalance ran just fine in Firefox. I then tried it in Chrome under Incognito, and it worked. It didn't work on my normal Chrome, so I figure it may be one of my extension causing the problem. Thanks again for the help. Time to migrate data from the old drive to the new drive.
  4. Hey Folks, I really enjoyed using Unbalance. I was able to leverage the plugin to consolidate some drives. I got a new drive, and was planning on doing the consolidation again, but the plugin doesn't want to function properly. I did uninstall the plugin and reinstalled. I am currently running: unBALANCE v5.5.0-1104-b9678b5-v2019.02.12b, on Unraid 6.6.5 After going into the webui, I select the "From" and "To". When I hit the "Plan" button I see the rainbow worms on the top right growing and shrinking. The problem is that it never stops. I first thought I picked a folder that was too large. I tried again with a much smaller folder ~ 100mb. It still never finish "Planning" I went into the log file and got the following lines: Any thoughts? Do i need to manually create the unbalance.hist file / folder? - TiTON
  5. Hey Guys.. Sorry for the slow slow reply. I didn't realize I wasn't getting notification on my thread. This issue may have been solved, but wanted to share some additional information. For me.. the issue is directly tied to VM manager and AMD. As I mentioned, when I went from unraid 5 to unraid 6, I completely built a new VM from scratch using VM Manager (very cool and easy process). As that time, I was running unraid on an AMD Kabini on AM1 platform. I wanted lower power consumption. When the VM is running, the SMB and web interface would just die after several hours. The VM would still be accessible via RDP and SSH was still up on unraid. I then wanted to build a Dalphile VM and use VT-D / IOMMU to connect to my USB DAC. I went ahead and swap the motherboard to an AMD A10-5800K (Trinity) to get the Vt-D feature. After swapping the motherboard, I just restarted my VM. Same thing happens. After several hours, my SMB and Web interface would just die. I gave up on VM, and just used plugins. Everything remain stables for months. The Trinity was using up too much Watts for me, so I decided to move to an Intel L5630 (40watt). Guess what. I turned the same VM back on with the Intel platform, and no more issues. The VM has been running strong for days, and everything is up and running. Now time for me to read the changelog between 6.1.3 and the current version, and see if this issue was detected and addressed. - Ton
  6. Hey trul, When I upgraded to 6.1.3 from beta, I did a fresh install. I copied off the backup files.. and then reformated the drive and all that good stuff. I didn't bring over any plugins, just the bare essentials to maintain the disk and shares. As for XEN, I just got rid of it. I built a fresh VM, using VM Manager. I was actually surprised how easy it was. Right now the systems seems to be running fine. I am going to let it run over the weekend. I am still pre-clearing a 5TB HD, which will take a few days. Once that is done, I am going to upgrade the parity size. I do appreciate everyone input. Thank you very much. -Ton
  7. ok.. ran diagnostics for like 20 min.. still no response. I ran power down, and it didn't shutdown. I am going to hard boot it. I was reading on another thread. Another member was having problems with her unraid, and was running a VM. After she stopped the VM, problem seem to have gone away. I am going to leave my VM off, and see if the issue gets resolved. It typically takes a day or two for the symptom to reappear. I will post back on how things goes. - Ton
  8. itimpi, Thank you so much for the reply. Let me see if I can help address each of your questions: VMManager - yeah.. i did it via the unraid version. I made a new VM from the tab in the web gui. Powerdown - I downloaded the powerdown-x86_64.plg. Even if I run power down, it doesn't powerdown the box. If you can recommend a different version, please let me know. Diagnostics - I am currently running the command. Its still not done yet. Once its done, i will post it. Thanks again. - Ton
  9. Hey Folks, I need a little help. I have gone through the forums, and can't seem to find out what is causing my issue. Background: I have been running Unraid servers for years. Earlier this year, I upgraded to Unraid 6 Beta to run xenserver, which has been working great. I saw that the released version of Unraid had its own VM Manager, so I decided to upgrade to 6.1.3 a few weeks back. During the upgrade, I removed all plugins. The only feature I am using is VM Manager (no Docker). My VM image resides on the cache drive. Issue: Ever since I upgraded, I started noticing system stability issues. Out the blue, my unraid web service would not come up. At the same time, I am unable to access any of my shares. I am still able to telnet into the server and my VM is still running. If I telnet into the server, I can go to like /mnt/disk1. If I do a LS or DIR, my telnet session just freezes. I can't cancel or interrupt the command. I can open a new telnet session, and start over. If i run reboot or powerdown from the command line, it looks like it tries to reboot, but the system never does. It requires a hard power to take the server down. When the system comes back online, the drives are fine, a parity checks starts up again, and web gui is back online. No hardware has changed. The only thing that has changed is the unraid version. I currently have (2) 5TB drives pre-clearing on another PC. Before I add them, I hope to get this issue resolved. Syslog - Here is the last lines in my syslog. It was working fine. Only things happening to the drive is that they are spinning down. After I noticed I cant access the web gui or shares, I telnet in the box. Is it possible that my drives are not spinning back up? Is there a command to spin the drives back up? Nov 18 03:40:01 SERVER logger: mover finished Nov 18 06:01:04 SERVER kernel: mdcmd (44): spindown 6 Nov 18 08:09:08 SERVER kernel: mdcmd (45): spindown 1 Nov 18 08:09:09 SERVER kernel: mdcmd (46): spindown 2 Nov 18 08:09:09 SERVER kernel: mdcmd (47): spindown 3 Nov 18 08:09:10 SERVER kernel: mdcmd (48): spindown 4 Nov 18 08:09:10 SERVER kernel: mdcmd (49): spindown 5 Nov 18 10:26:39 SERVER kernel: md: sync done. time=35561sec Nov 18 10:26:39 SERVER kernel: md: recovery thread sync completion status: 0 Nov 18 10:41:40 SERVER kernel: mdcmd (50): spindown 0 Nov 18 12:48:28 SERVER kernel: mdcmd (51): spindown 1 Nov 18 12:48:33 SERVER kernel: mdcmd (52): spindown 3 Nov 18 15:02:08 SERVER kernel: mdcmd (53): spindown 5 Nov 18 15:33:38 SERVER kernel: mdcmd (54): spindown 5 Nov 18 15:36:20 SERVER kernel: mdcmd (55): spindown 0 Nov 18 15:36:20 SERVER kernel: mdcmd (56): spindown 6 Nov 18 15:39:10 SERVER kernel: mdcmd (57): spindown 1 Nov 18 15:57:48 SERVER kernel: mdcmd (58): spindown 3 Nov 18 16:13:11 SERVER kernel: mdcmd (59): spindown 2 Nov 18 16:15:31 SERVER kernel: mdcmd (60): spindown 4 Nov 18 16:44:01 SERVER kernel: mdcmd (61): spindown 2 Nov 18 16:54:31 SERVER kernel: mdcmd (62): spindown 4 Nov 18 17:28:50 SERVER kernel: mdcmd (63): spindown 3 Nov 18 17:31:14 SERVER kernel: mdcmd (64): spindown 2 Nov 18 17:53:34 SERVER kernel: mdcmd (65): spindown 3 Nov 18 18:19:32 SERVER kernel: mdcmd (66): spindown 3 Nov 18 18:19:33 SERVER kernel: mdcmd (67): spindown 4 Nov 18 18:24:06 SERVER kernel: mdcmd (68): spindown 2 Nov 18 18:50:42 SERVER kernel: mdcmd (69): spindown 2 Nov 18 18:50:47 SERVER kernel: mdcmd (70): spindown 3 Nov 19 00:48:53 SERVER in.telnetd[20597]: connect from ( Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. - Ton
  10. I'm not a mac guy, so I can't comment directly, but I can google. http://codingsteps.com/installing-and-using-putty-on-mac-os-x/ LOL.. thanks Jonathanm.. Since I can natively do in terminal on OSX, I never tried to load Putty. Since you found something, I will give it a shot. Thanks again. - Ton
  11. Jonathanm, Thanks for the tutorial, it was great I think i found my problem. Well.. maybe a workaround for MC. If i use Terminal via OSX and go to MC.. it just doesn't work right at all. Maybe its my terminal type or what not, but I am no expert at linux. If I use Putty from my windows box, and then MC on my unraid.. guess what.. it works awesome!! I am actually able to use my mouse and click on the vairous menu options, which is great. Now I need to see if I can get the same experience on my OSX. _ Ton
  12. Hey Folks, I was upgrading some hard drives and wanted to do some basic unraid house keeping. I always have an issue with MC. I see the menu, but I can never navigate properly within the app to move files around. I wanted to see if there was any other GUI server side file management application other than Midnight Commander? I know I can just map the drives to my local computer, but that would just route traffic to my computer before putting back on the server. I was hoping for someway to move files easily on the server. If anyone has a suggestions, or can tell me why I have this weird MC issues, that would be great. Thanks again. - Ton
  13. Hey Fireball, I would do S3.. but I can't get it to work properly on this motherboard. I send the sleep command.. and it doesn't go to sleep. Played around with the bios, and still no luck. I took the same usb and put it on another board, and the s3 works fine. Since this is a backup box, that will only be on during backup, the shut down was actually better for me. I just put a sleep counter on my script to account for the time it till take the backup box to boot up vs waking up. Other then that it all the same. I can definitely share my rsync config. I actually want to document it for my own knowledge. I will try to get it up in the next day or so, and have it annoymized a bit too - Ton
  14. Guys.. thank you so much for your quick reply. Here are my results GET http://<UNRAID-IP>/update.htm?shutdown=apply - Command Not Found WGET http://<UNRAID-IP>/update.htm?shutdown=apply - successfully shutdown the box CURL http://<UNRAID-IP>/update.htm?shutdown=apply - successfully shutdown the box I am not expert on linux, so I am not sure what the differences are, but I do know that wget and curl in my script worked to shut down my backup box. After my rsync completes, I put a sleep time enough to let my drive spin down, then i send the shutdown command. Works great. Thanks again guys. - Ton
  15. Hey Folks, My project to backup my important unraid data to another unraid box is going well. I have completed the following: 1. Configure WOL on Backup UnRaid Box 2. Configure Rsync Protocol on Backup Unraid Box 3. Send Magic Packet from Primary Unraid Box to Wake Backup Unraid Box 4. Script to Rsync Data from Primary Unraid to Backup Unraid box So I basically got data backing up successfully to my backup box. The problem is that I have no idea how to send a command to my backup box to gracefully shut down. Is there a command I can put in my script on the primary unraid to send a shut down packet to the backup box? Can anyone point me in the right direction or provide any suggestions. - Ton Note: Primary Unraid is v6 and Backup is v5.