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  1. Slight bump Anyone heard of this happening before?
  2. Hey guys (and gals)! For the last few months I have been having some issues connecting to my unraid shares with my two Ubuntu 18.04 workstations. I've had a look through ALOT of articles/forum threads on how to connect SMB shares on linux through the fstab file but none of them seemed to do the trick. The only way I managed to make it work was to set the "version" flag to 1.0 in the mount command, meaning that, presumably, I am currently using the SMB 1.0 protocol to connect my machines to my shares. If I am not mistaken the most recent version used in windows 10 is version 3.0? This fi
  3. Fantastic, it works! Thanks for the help and the explanation! (Oops, forgot to press post on this yeaterday, sorry)
  4. Yeah probably gonna need someone to look over the xml to tell me exactly what to remove. Did not know that option was there! There should not be anything else passed through to the VM right now. I was passing through a USB stick recently when upgrading the VM from Windows 7 to Windows 10 but I have unchecked the USB stick. I think I have expirienced this kind of issue before though when I unplugged the USB stick and it complained about not finding the USB stick. So maybe you can tell me if there are any lingering references to the USB in the XML here. <?xml version='1.0' encodi
  5. Hey guys (and gals), So I've just removed a graphics card from my Unraid box for use somewhere else since I was not really using it that much in any of the unraid VM's or with any of the dockers. However after removing it and booting back up the tower I get this message when trying to start one of the VM's: Execution error Device 0000:01:00.1 not found: could not access /sys/bus/pci/devices/0000:01:00.1/config: No such file or directory Presuming that this has something to do with the graphics card since its talking about PCI devices. I might have had the GP
  6. I can't speak to how old the technology behind the HDD's are if thats what you are reffering to when taking about 20 year old drives, all I can say is that I bought them new (because I really do not trust used drives) from a store 6 months ago. Assuming the setting you are talking about is "Spin down delay" then yup, got it set to never. Kinda worries me about drive longevity, but I hope they won't just drop dead after a year... Cool, did not know about turbo write, thanks. I assume that they have not yet implimented the auto function yet? I would if I knew how. As it is I ca
  7. Shiiiiiiiiit, so essentially, upgrade to full SSD server or suffer the slowdowns when copying? Rip my wallet...
  8. Hey guys, I have been having a small issue with my Unraid share since I first set it up and I have just recently gotten to looking into it. The issue comes in the form of not being able to do more than one thing at once when accessing it from my windows 10 laptop. As an example, if I am copying or moving a file to the share/network drive I cannot rename a file at the same time, or even open the right click menu. RMB clicking on a file just gives a spinning wheel and once the copy/move is done, the menu pops up and everything is back to normal. I can still navigate the folder structure but it