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  1. Hi, thanks for the info! I'll go with the 16gb drive. David
  2. Hi, I purchased two USB 2.0 Sandisk Cruzer Glide flash drives. One is 16GB and the other is 32GB. Which one would be better to use with Unraid? Thanks! David
  3. Thanks for the reply. I could no longer see the three disk with GParted after I connected the drives directly to two different motherboard with two different PSUs with their onboard SATA ports. Since the drives are no longer detected I can't see the partitions. I even tried an external powered USB bay. Unraid can still able to see the remaining disks connected to the SAS card. If the SAS card was configured correctly could it corrupt the partions? I can get that maybe moving around the WD Red mechanical drive could cause damage to it but the SSDs shouldn't really have any issues. Thanks again. David
  4. Hi, I installed a LSI SAS 9211-8i PCIe card to be used with Unraid. After installing seven drives, three of them (1x 8GB WD Red and 2x512GB SSD) are no longer can be detected. I attached each drive one at a time to different desktops using the onboard motherboard SATA ports. After booting up with Parted Magic and GParted on each desktop, they are still no longer being detected. Did I permanently damage these drives? If so, could you tell me what I did to cause this to happen? Could the SAS PCie be responsible? Is there anyway to recover this disks? Thanks David
  5. Thanks for the info! I didn't know UnRAID had these different options. David
  6. Hi, I have two 500GB Cache drives. Unraid tells me I have 500GB of usable space in the pool. If I add a 3rd 500GB will that give me 1TB of space or still 500GB? Thanks. David
  7. Hi, I currently am using two older 500GB SATA SSDs for my cache drive. I recently purchased a WD 1TB 750 Black NVMe and I also already have another 1TB 750 Black NVMe I purchased a few months ago. Currently I was going to use one the NVMe drives to install VMs and Docker containers. Is it worth still using the 500GB SATA SSDs if I use the 1TB 750 Black NVMe drives as both cache and storage for VMs/Dockers? I only have 3 VMs and 3 Docker containers using about 300GB in total. Any help will greatly be appreciated. Thanks! David
  8. Hi, I a desktop a I9-9900K and a RTX 2080 (non-super). I purchased a AMD Ryzen 3900X and motherboard for a UnRAID Server. After looking at both setups I don't know which CPU I should use for my desktop and which one for UnRAID. On the UnRAID Server I plan to run a couple of VMs and a couple of dockers. If anyone could tell me which CPU I should use which I would be greatly appreciated. I keep going back and forth. Both setup has 64GB DRR4 3600Mhz of RAM. Thanks! David
  9. Hi, I am looking at purchasing the Corsair H100i RGB Pro or PLATINUM AIO. I'm not sure how difficult use it's software in a Unraid VM. Is it possible to boot into a Windows OS on my server on a separate SSD, setting everything up with the iCUE software and reboot into Unraid? I am wondering if the settings for the fan curves and LEDs get saved and will run with the saved settings. Thanks. David
  10. Yes I think I'm going to go that route. Thanks!
  11. Ok, thanks for the info! It was worth a shot.
  12. Hi, I have a Asrock X570 Prime motherboard and a AMD 3900X CPU. If I setup 2x 500GB NVMe SSDs in RAID 1 in the BIOS will Unraid detect it? I would like to store VMs on an unassigned device and not worry about space issues on the cache drives. Thanks! David
  13. Hi, I have an extra ZOTAC GeForce GT 710 1GB DDR3 PCIE x 1 card. Is there any advantages to attach it to a VM in Unraid? I am curious if will speed up the GUI in VNC or Splashtop. Thanks! David
  14. Ok thanks for the suggestion. I'll try to use the on board sata ports. If there are no issues I will still have an extra pcie slot to use in the future. David
  15. Hi, I'm building a new Unraid Server with a Asrock X570M and a AMD 3900X. The motherboard has 8 SATA ports. I plan to use 4 HDD and 2 SSD for cache. Awhile ago I purchased a HP H220 6Gbs SAS PCI-E 3.0 HBA LSI 9207-8i P20 Controller for another server but didn't end up using it? Would it be a good idea to use the controller or are the onboard SATA ports good enough. I'm not sure who makes the onboard SATA controller or is there a general advantage to use the controller either way. Any help will greatly be appreciated. Thanks! David