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  1. Sorry for the new responding sooner. Thanks for the suggestion!
  2. Hi, I have 3x10 Red HDDs (one's for parity) and 2x500GB SSD for cache. Whenever the SSD cache is full I get a disk full error message when copying over to a shared folder on the server. Is there anyway to set Unraid to copy directly to the HHDs if the cache is filled automatically instead of waiting for the mover to run? Running version 6.7.2. Thanks! David
  3. Hi, I am having an issue passing my non-primary video card to a Windows VM. I have a NVidia GT710 as my primary display in the top PCIe slot of my motherboard and an AMD RX 580 in the third slot. After installing Windows 10, I install the AMD drivers. After the setup Windows detects and sees the AMD card however Windows will not start after reboot if I have the AMD as the primary video card. I am unable to ping the VM or RDP (after I initially enable it) into the VM. When I have VNC enabled, I get a 'waiting on other display or user' error and will also not boot. I tried reversing the video cards and get similar results. I also tried adding the GPU BIOS but no luck. If someone could tell me what I'm doing wrong, I would be greatly appreciative. Thanks! David
  4. Thanks for the reply. I'm still trying to figure out the GPU pass through settings. I don't really know much about transcoding so I was just relying on the reviews and YouTube videos.
  5. I had initially hoped to use my RX 580 to pass through to a VM in with Plex in Unraid for transcoding. Is RX 580 really as bad at transcoding as people say? If so, I might cut my losses and get a GTX 1660 TI or maybe an RTX 2060 depending on what sales they have a Microcenter. I plan to trans code one maybe two videos at one time. Mostly from 4k to 1080p. I have an ASROCK 580M with 2700X. I plan on upgrading to an R9 3900 or R9 3950 once the prices come done. I think could get about $80 for the RX 580 on eBay, so it's not even worth selling. I assume either way I would get a new card in a year or so. If anyone has any suggestion if I should stick with RX 580 or cut my loss and get an NVIDIA card would be great. Thanks! David
  6. Thanks for the reply and information. I have a total of 4x10tb drives. If I want to use the 4 drive as a backup should I add to unraid as an unassigned drive and use or write a script to transfer important data over? Thanks again! David
  7. Hi, I have four 10GB WDC Red HDDs. Is it overkill to have two parity drives for just four drives? I don't think I would need more than 20TB of space. I will also be using two 500GB SSDs for cache. Thanks! David
  8. Well I'm an idiot 🙂 I didn't see the RX580 under PCI devices but it was listed in the drop-down of the Graphics Card setting. Thanks again for the help!
  9. Hi, I'm thinking about moving my Unraid OS into a VM in ESXi. Is there a gracefully way to shutdown Unraid if you hit the power button on your computer case? That's one my favorite feature i like with Unraid. Thanks! David
  10. Thanks for the reply! What do you mean by 'stub' your video card. My current config is: The first two ids are my RTX 580 and the hdmi audio. David
  11. Hi, I have a Asrock X570M and a AMD 2700X. I'm having issues passing through my RX580 to a VM. I enabled IOMMU in the BIOS to see the groups and was successfully able to pass through a PCIe USB Controller to a Windows VM but the RX580 doesn't show up in the list of devices in the VM settings. I double checked the Syslinux configuration to make sure the devices IDs are correct. I currently have a GTX 710 in the first PCIe slot and the AMD 580 in the third slot. I can remove the GTX 710 if needed. Are you allow to pass though the primary GPU device to a VM if there's only one video card in the system? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! David
  12. Hi, I'm looking at purchasing an Unraid license. I currently have four 10tb hard drives and two 512gb ssd for cache. I also have a NVMe drive installed but it's not assigned. If I get the 6 device plan will i go over limit? Thanks! David
  13. Hi, thanks for the reply. Is it possible to use the integrated Intel GPU with a plex docker?
  14. Hi, I'm looking to run a Plex Server on Raid. The cards I'm looking at in my price range are the AMD RX 580, Nvidia GTX 1660 TI or just a GTX 1660. I have a AMD 2700X do I don't have integrated graphics. I only plan to transcode two video at the most. Any advice would be great. Thanks! Also, can the plex docker only use Nvidia cards? David