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  1. Hello from Australia. I'd happily get a couple as well. I literally am a newbie to unraid (only started using it with in the past 2 weeks - free licensing until today), to VM two of my servers (Mail and Web - has some minor issues getting them working but, seems they are working now. I actually bought the license today in my (now deceased) mum's name, for something to remember her by. She wasn't into computers but, as I more than likely will need to interact with either Unraid or one of the servers, it will be a happy reminder of her. Sorry if you have lost a loved one and this has bought back memories, but this is how I feel. If I ever did get another server - for anything - I think I'd name it after her, and possibly do what Linus did for iJacklyne (I know, I know. not right), and get a front sticker made in her memory as well. Cheers. Oh, and Happy belated birthday unraid :). And Congrats to the winners!