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  1. I don't quite know why it works now, but this is what i changed: i cloned the linuxserver-repo and build the image myself then i changed the from in my dockerfile (first post) to the one from step 1 i build the final docker with the same command as before, this time not getting the error and instead exiting with sucess profit i think a good evening to everyone watching this ted-talk. I am sorry for any problems i may have created. Keep up the good work and maybe this is in fact a bug in unraid, but i can't show it.
  2. Tried again with the baseimage that linuxserver uses to build their code-server docker, wich worked. So something that happens during their build is the reason for the problem. Time to take a look at their discord. Unluckily you only find this infos after posting for help - so: sorry!
  3. Thanks for the suggestions. I just had a friend try the build progress on his maschine which did complete, so the problem is something in my unraid. I will try further troubleshooting steps and take a look at linuxserver's discord server. Have a great day. Edit: Just tried with an ubuntu baseimage and it did work. So off i go trying to find the real source of the problem. May be reasonable to put this issue on hold? Is that possible?
  4. I am trying to build a image based on the linux-server code image. While installing the images once setup works, building my own image does not. I found various threads that indicate that this has to do with the host rather than the containing images. As i am just a novice trying to get his things set up, i won't test this things, because i don't know what I am really changing. If someone wants to reproduce: unluckily i do not know if this happens only on prereleases, as I only have 1 unraid-server. I will add further informations if needed. I wish everyone reading this a great day. Unraid: Version: 6.10.0-rc2 build with "docker build ./ -t myname/dev_codeserver" dockerfile
  5. So, it seems like i finally found the answer to my problem. SSD's seem functional, so i checked midnight my server log and spotted a try of the auto-update plugin to update all dockers, even those i added voa docker compose. It seems like this midnightly maneuver bricked my dockers. Everything fine for a few days, praying to god it stays this way as i am on vacation. Hope this helps someone with a similar problem.
  6. Hey, i currently have probably a similiar problem where my docker crashs without an obvious reason. Did replacing your disk solve the issue? Good Luck and a great Sunday, JP
  7. Hey, I have a lot of questions because I am currently planning my first server build. A friend suggested Unraid and I have the same usage that is mentioned in this thread (Thanks for that, fellow newbie) and I am planning to use a R7 2700 for my build. You mentioned that you are using one, would u give this a go? or are there big problems? I hope it will have enough power to host 2 gameserver with each about max. 4 player, also an small nextcloud, to test things and stuff and also at least one Windows VM for Workload. Unluckily i am young and bought a alienware laptop about a year before and yes.... wasnt good. I also own a Ipad Pro wich I would use in school (Design focused school) and i hope the Windows VM will be capable of operating Designsoftware like Adobe. Do you have any experience with such workload? I really appreciate any infos you could give me about the processor for this use or else for your use ;) Wishing a nice evening all of you :) Regards, Justus