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  1. somehow I lost access to the GUI overnight. funny thing is, I'm sure the server is running, I can access media stored on it through Plex. Did a hard shutdown (bad I know), server rebooted, but still cannot access the gui! Any suggestions? EDIT: gui came back after about two hours. No idea why
  2. thanks for the info. after watching this for a day, looks like if i spin them down, they stay down for only about half an hour. wonder if this is due to using both sonarr and radarr? I tried the file activity plugin but can't really get it to work. I click start and it shows running, then I come back to it and it's stopped
  3. thanks for the tips. now set appdata and one other back share to be cache only. also noticed i had 3 files on the cache (movie files) that the mover wouldn't move. wonder if it was continually trying? anyway deleted them and spun down drives. they have stayed down for an hour so far, which is progress! thanks again
  4. hi all, long time happy user. I've noticed that my drives never seem to spin down on one of my servers. seemed to happen around the time i installed radarr but might be coincidence also, is seems to be leveliing out the drives, meaning I have almost the exact same amount of free space on each drive. shares are set to high water, so maybe this is correct any recommendations? diagnostics attached
  5. got it! thanks to both! deleted music.cgf (should have renamed but saw this too late) through command prompt, rebooted. reboot took longer than normal, but booted up, and was able to access/change/delete files in music share thanks so much guys. will watch for further issues
  6. having trouble getting this working. I've edited the file a few times now, copied over to flash, confirmed changes were made, and rebooted. file seems to be corrupted each time (in same way which seems odd) I am considering making a new share for music, copying everything over, then deleting old share?
  7. wow you are amazing, great catch. concerned about how that got corrupted, no idea, although this issue happened right after the upgrade to the latest version... so I made a backup, edited the one in flash. should I reboot?
  8. Please help! updated to latest unraid. everything working EXCEPT for one mapped windows drive, mapped to a share called music. anything i try to do gives me error 'destination folder access denied' and 'you need permission to perform this action' I can access all other shares, but not this music folder. ran new permissions over night, no help diagnostics attached?
  9. not a major issue, but after upgrading to 6.7.2, i am noticing that my dockers always say they have an update. on two servers. once i update, within a few minutes it says an update is available anyone else experiencing this?
  10. long time user. installed radarr about two weeks ago. have noticed that my drives are always spun up. i can manually spin down, but within an hour, will be spun up again, all of them. never seems to spin up one or two, seems all or nothing any advice? using only sonarr, radarr, sab, and plex radarr has been downloading a lot and replacing a lot of my movies, but i'm using a cache drive for downloads and mover only moves them once a day logs attached
  11. thanks so much! added the mnt reference to radarr, and successfully imported my first movie!!! thanks Squid, you are so awesome. do you have a kofi page or anything where i can contribute my thanks?
  12. Thanks for the long write up. spent two hours digesting it lol. i think the essence is that everything needs to start at the same 'root'/relativity... i think lol Still having the issue though!!! I reset all my paths to be in accordance with your advice. spot anything off? included my docker settings for radarr, sab and sonarr. also the categories in sab. I can select a file in radarr and send to sab, which downloads into the right spot. but radarr still says 'no files eligible for import also noticed i have added paths for 'mnt'. can't recall why there or if they should be deleted