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  1. good catch. I fixed that in the edit menu, it's taking me to now but still getting and error... although now it says ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE
  2. thanks for the safety tip, i'll change it! When I click on the webgui which takes me to this address: I just get: this site can't be reached. ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED
  3. I have the linuxserver Plex docker installed. I can access my plex content through plex.tv without any difficulty. When I try to click on the docker image and select webgui I get taken to a webpage with an error. I noticed this error when trying to troubleshoot why my Gaps docker wasn't seeing my plex media. By comparison I'm able to launch the Gaps webui without any trouble. I'm not sure how to troubleshoot this. I did include my plex docker container settings.
  4. [s6-init] making user provided files available at /var/run/s6/etc...exited 0. [s6-init] ensuring user provided files have correct perms...exited 0. [fix-attrs.d] applying ownership & permissions fixes... [fix-attrs.d] done. [cont-init.d] executing container initialization scripts... [cont-init.d] 10-adduser: executing... ------------------------------------- _ () | | ___ _ __ | | / __| | | / \ | | \__ \ | | | () | |_| |___/ |_| \__/ Brought to you by linuxserver.io We gratefully accept donations at: https://www.linuxserver.io/donate/ ------------------------------------- GID/UID ------------------------------------- User uid: 99 User gid: 100 ------------------------------------- [cont-init.d] 10-adduser: exited 0. [cont-init.d] 40-chown-files: executing... [cont-init.d] 40-chown-files: exited 0. [cont-init.d] 50-gid-video: executing... [cont-init.d] 50-gid-video: exited 0. [cont-init.d] 60-plex-update: executing... Atempting to upgrade to: 2019-10-21 21:22:05 URL:https://downloads.plex.tv/plex-media-server-new/ [86884196/86884196] -> "/tmp/plexmediaserver_1.18.1.1973-0f4abfbcc_amd64.deb" [1] (Reading database ... 10445 files and directories currently installed.) Preparing to unpack .../plexmediaserver_1.18.1.1973-0f4abfbcc_amd64.deb ... Unpacking plexmediaserver ( over ( ... Setting up plexmediaserver ( ... Processing triggers for libc-bin (2.27-3ubuntu1) ... [cont-init.d] 60-plex-update: exited 0. [cont-init.d] 99-custom-scripts: executing... [custom-init] no custom files found exiting... [cont-init.d] 99-custom-scripts: exited 0. [cont-init.d] done. [services.d] starting services Starting Plex Media Server. [services.d] done.
  5. That's the problem. I select webgui from the docker icon and I just get taken to a site with an error "This page isn’t working"
  6. I'm using the linuxserver Plex docker with unraid. I am trying to access the webui (click on the docker and launch the local webui) but I can't get it to work. I try using this link: http://<ip-address>:34200/library/sections?X-Plex-Token=XXXXXXXX (with my server ip address and token) to get to my content but it's not working either. Any suggestions? I can access my plex content through the Plex web sites's launcher without any issue.
  7. That did the trick. Thanks everyone for your help
  8. ok. any idea how can i do this if I can't access my settings from the webgui? - Do I just change it in the ident.cfg?
  9. Thanks marks_media-diagnostics-20180314-1943.zip
  10. Still not working. As far as I'm aware I don't have https enabled. I can telnet into my server still. No idea why I can't get into the dashboard
  11. after updating I'm having trouble accessing the dashboard. I used to access it using http://myip I've also tried http://tower but nothing seems to be working. When I do my ip it gives me a connection refused message. It is up and running because my plex and tautulli dockers are running and accessible.
  12. I just noticed this issue today when I was notified a file I was trying to play with plex was missing. I checked the share on my unraid unit and about had a heart attack to see the file wasn't in the share and also there were a ton of other files missing... but am relieved after noting the file(s) are present in the disks in their respective folders (for instance a file in MY Videos share is missing but is present in the My Videos folder on disk 3). I did do a lot of recent reconfiguring my UNRAID unit recently. I had a parity drive fail so I replaced it (and added a parity 2 drive), I also switched a disk around and subsequently used the new config command but I saved the config of the parity and cache disk. I don't think I had any data loss, just files that are no longer showing up in their respective shares... Anyone able to help? marks_media-diagnostics-20171110-2303.zip
  13. The only thing I use my cache drive for is for dockers (plex mainly). I don't use the mover as far as I'm aware. I have an appdata folder on it and my docker.img. I use the backup plugin to backup my appdata folder onto the array. Can I just copy the docker.img to the array along with my appdata folder, turn off docker, make sure the backup program isn't/wont run, replace the hard drive with the new one, then copy back my appdata and docker.img onto the new cache drive and turn back on docker and be good to go?