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  1. @scorcho99 Do you have the model numbers for the Startech cards you own that is confirmed working?
  2. Disabling IOMMU is system wide. It's all or nothing. If you don't need passthrough, disable IOMMU, some (if not all) USB 3.0 cards atleast, tend to work better, in my experience.. There should be no hypervisor drawbacks, your VMs should function like normal. A fast way to disable IOMMU for me, was to add "iommu=soft" to the startup parameters...
  3. Hi all! Firstly, I've been using UnRaid on and off for the last couple of years for different projects, just testing stuff out and getting a feel for compatibility and such. So, the last month or so, I've been getting hold of some server grade hardware and CPUs for a bigger project and have run into a little bit of a snag.. Secondly, sorry for the wall of text! My end goal is to have 1 computer running 4 VMs for gaming, GPU and USB passthrough for hot plug. The idea is simple and UnRaid can definitely do all of that. My hardware is not "new", but it does the j
  4. Hi. The key word here is "SuperSpeed". I assume your card have something called UASP support? I have been struggling with a USB 3.0 card with UASP (or "SuperSpeed") for a while, and I too am unable to get it working properly with UnRaid. Too me, it seems like the passthrough is broken for any cards or devices requiring UASP.. However, the cards work with UnRaid, but ONLY if you disable IOMMU (which defeats the purpose if you want passthrough..), then they work fine, devices show up and the card is working like it would on bare metal.