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  1. I dont have exposed anything no. But obviously someone had an access ... i'm investigating, and will keep inform if I managed to know what happened.
  2. Here's a compressed file that I've found on the boot/config/plugins/ProFTPd folder, and it looks very suspicious. The modification date correspond roughly to the moment it began. It contains php and js files ... what do you think about it ???? ConfEdit.tar.gz
  3. Yeah, a lot suspicious ProFTPd connections !!! I stop the service for now, and I'll delete the VM's. I think I've a security issues with the ProFTPd settings. Thanx for your help ! I'll look to the diag first next time. If anyone has a way to make a secure FTP on Unraid, I'll try it.
  4. WOW .... no, I dont think so. It's only for our clients. I'll check the diag, I dont know if I'll be able to analyze it.
  5. Here's the diag. The server was running Krusader, qbittorrent, duckdns, zerotier and Filezilla dockers only. I've a proFTPd running also. No VM's were running while diagnosis.
  6. Yeah, I'm taking some security options for the moment. I'll post the diag, thanx !
  7. Hi all ! I have discovered recently that 2 VMs on my Unraid server were used for IPTV service. One of my windows VM has also been renamed "iptv". Today, a new docker was also running : "elastic_ishizaka". I think I've been hacked or a virus maybe. The VM's and this docker are booting by themselves too. I may have a script running somewhere. Does anyone knows what is happening and how I can monitor what is going on ? Thank you !
  8. Hi all ! everything is running smooth on my unraid machine. But there's one thing I can't fix. I have a VM running homme assistant. I've setup a fixed ip for this VM (br0 interface, I have only one Ethernet port). I can't access homeassistant from outside. I've mapped the ports, and all other services like docker are working from oustide. I can access avery device from wan, but not the VM ... Do you know what I should look after ? My config : 1 fibre box -> DMZ to my asus RTAC68U -> Unraid with HP N54L Thx !
  9. Hi guys! I'd like to get the info into a nodered flow. What OID's should I configure ? Thx !
  10. Yeah I know, but I'm working at home (covid-19) and have no physical access to the server for now.
  11. Is there a way to stop the log filling ? While fixing the ram pb.
  12. We have a new build based on refurbished hardware : SuperM|CSE-846 X9DRi-F| 2 x Intel Xeon E5-2697 V2 2.70Ghz Twelve (12) Core 16 x 8GB PC3L-12800R (DDR3 Low-Power-1600Mhz, 2RX4) I have transferred the Unraid flash from our previous server. I updated to the new Unraid OS, and these problems appeared. I think I'll have to check each memory ! Thx guys
  13. Hi, thx for your answer. Of course someone need this diagnostic, sorry ! I said I have the same pb because of the log showing full on the dashboard, sluggish webui and same error : Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 134217728 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 133640224 bytes) in /usr/local/emhttp/plugins/dynamix/include/Syslog.php on line 20 I've updated to 6.8.3, and the problem appears after that. Thank you in advance if you have a possible fix !
  14. Hi, did you managed to use onraid on your QNAP TS 659 Pro ? I'd like to do the same. Thx