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  1. I use shiomax/jrivermc25 for many years with an app on my Android phone called Gizmo to push tracks to my amp. Great free app (Gizmo, that is). You can manage remotely on a laptop with the same JRiver - multi platform - license. Inside the application you need to import your library and set up a server. JRiver converts my flacs to wav on the fly. Even in hi-res. Sounds just great! With JRiver you can manage your collection in any way you can think of. But for importing i use Tagscanner on my Windows (cough) laptop. After editing, if any, i let it import directly in
  2. I use shiomax/jrivermc25 with an app called Gizmo on my Android phone. The app pushes the track then to my Marantz amp. Most tracks are stored as flac on the share and converted to wav on the fly. Sounds great!
  3. I have both pfSense and JRiver (as a docker) using the same port 5900 for VCN remote. I saw on the forum that the changing the port on the VM can't be done so i'll need to change the port on the docker container. How can i change the port on the container? I'd like to change docker port from 5900 to 5959 Thank you. 👍
  4. Hi guys, First of all a big thank you to all contributors on the forum and especially to @SpaceInvaderOne for his awesome videos. I just love my Unraid server called "Jarvis" and plan is to use it as a home assistant. I see that there's something online but not sure how to get it running on Unraid. I recently swapped out my processors for X5675's and have now pfSense with AES-NI encryption running smoothly as Unraid VM, thanks to SIO's videos. Currently i'm busy replacing and rerouting the LAN cables through the house. Next step is every device that has a fixed pos
  5. Great job on this container Guys. Got version 5.9 to work properly last night and runs like a charm. Thanks.
  6. Hi Spaceinvader One, Thanks for your excellent videos on pfsense and other helpful videos. I'd like to share that pfsense now has a new developer version available that specifically doesn't require AES-NI. I have "new" processors underway that do support AES-NI but I might give that a try first, and go to a stable version, current 2.45 or later a stable version of 2.5. Thanks again. Cheers.
  7. solved! Changing from SeaBIOS to OVMF did the trick.
  8. Hi there, I have a server in a 2U server case with a Supermicro mb, 48Gb ECC memory and 2 Xeon processors. It has a 1Tb cache drive, a couple of drives and 2 parity drives. I'm currently running some apps and dockers and 1 W10 VM. Now, i've been trying to get a SteamOS VM with a Debian template working but but it fails. Durig install it all seems to go well, no hang ups, nothing. But when the OS tries to reboot it immediately hangs on the first screen, printscreen below. I've already tried to reinstall twice now, making sure to delete the VM and run cl
  9. Yesterday i wanted to install Krusader but when i opened the WebUI, it opened JRiver MC35 that's running in a container using port 5900.
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    Hi guys, New user here. I had Xpenology running on a cheap X58 MB for a while. It ran ok but still not what i was looking for. Recently i bought a 2U 8-bay 19" rack and a Supermicro X8DT-6F MB with 2 processors. In the mean time i came across Unraid and realized that this was what i was looking for. Unraid is now running for a few days and i'm still busy setting it up. Things like plugins, spin dow or hibernation when not in use, docker apps. i plan to use JRiver, NZBGet, Sonarr, Radarr, Spotweb, Calibre library, Home Assistant so still plenty to do. The