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  1. They actually are already shut down at that point. Even shutting them down manually doesn't solve the unmount issue, it simply hangs (not entirely sure why)
  2. Nope, I still see them there, and can pull them down. Let me know if you still can't access, probably something you need to reach out to a forum mod about though.
  3. Right now, if I attempt to unmount my array, something seems to be running on my cache drive still. Not sure what it is, I can't identify it with fuser or lsof. Regardless, when I attempt to stop the array it inevitably has led to either a reboot (I killed to many things trying to get the file to be closed on the cache drive) or a manual umount from the commandline. Right now, it seems that just "umount /mnt/cache" is being run to unmount the cache drive, as well as the others. Is it possible to add in if after a handful of tries they still don't unmount, to do a "umount -l" (which will u
  4. OK, here I go resurrecting an old thread, but this one isn't exactly a "currently relevant" thing. Still useful. "There, I fixed it". Big mario fan, have had this sitting around for some time, think I originally did it based off of sheet music or something. This has proper delays and durations in it, the one above just blasts along. Just put it into my go script as the last line, to notify me when everything is done. beep -f330 -l138 -n -f330 -l275 -n -f330 -l138 -D138 -n -f262 -l138 -n -f330 -l275 -n -f392 -l550 -D550 -n -f262 -l413 -n -f196 -l138 -D275 -n -f164 -l275 -D138 -n -f22
  5. Pretty sure I'm talking to myself at this point, but here's my search criteria for nzbmatrix: +720p +- 1080p +- xvid That chooses 720p or 1080p or xvid. The search criteria MUST be filled, and it MUST start with a plus. Not sure why, but that's the way it works.
  6. Quick update made to the unmenu package to properly detect started/stopped state of moviegrabber. Used to always see it as started... Also updated post name, since it's the 11th not the 10th. That was a dumb move.
  7. 2.1.7 is tested and working nicely from what I've seen. jang430, it should work for you now. No more need to modify decimal.Decimal calls, I put in unzip as a dependency and check (for compat with unraid 4.7), and it's no longer throwing sqlite errors. I tested with newznab provider (nzb.ru) and nzbmatrix, both of them seem to work (straightforward settings, nothing fancy. Let me know if there's something that causes issue I'm unaware of). Note, found out that nzb.ru supports https, but moviegrabber doesn't currently. Seems to be the same with nzbmatrix, it hits the http site only. So if
  8. I'll be uploading a new version here in a few minutes after I finish testing v 2.1.7. Ideally it fixes the issue we've had, and 2.1.6 was skipped because of other problems. No reported issues as of yet with 2.1.7, but we'll see how well it goes as it was just released yesterday. Also, figured I'd throw this in there: http://forums.sabnzbd.org/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=10028 He posts on how to get couchpotato to clean up your moviegrabber downloads via post-processing, since moviegrabber only does preprocessing. Couchpotato will do the normal stuff, downloading of posters, etc. for your
  9. ah, yeah it uses unzip. Not sure if that's in the default unraid v5 setup, or something added. For your setup you will need unzip though.
  10. Thanks! Suppose now is a bad time to mention that I abhor XML, and would rather just write a script? Seriously though, glad to be giving back. Already have a handful of packages from others, worth it to give something back if I can. Now to figure out how to build a package dependent upon PHP, a webserver, php-mysql, etc. for these: http://forum.xbmc.org/showthread.php?t=83304 http://forum.xbmc.org/showthread.php?t=106980
  11. Let's see if we can work it out. There's certainly still some kinks, especially since I'm trying to get it working on python 2.6 when it's originally built for python 2.7. I do some awk fun in the install script to get around this, which is also the reason for the argparse requirement. Grep not finding the process I'm assuming is post install, guessing that's because of the second part. if the manual_installation or auto_installation scripts aren't run it won't start out of rc.d, thus the process won't be running. If the source files are sitting in the package directory that means th
  12. Honestly, I'm waiting for the next version to come out before going hot and heavy at this. His logging in current version is abysmal, which leads to things like this (it silently fails...). Best bet, check to make sure your "search" parameters are set properly (try deleting them, see if it loads OK). Also, make sure your logging directory is set OK (try setting it to "/tmp", though that will get blown away when you reboot) Can you explain what your process is again, a bit more step by step? I'm not sure I understand what you mean between windows 7, turning windows 7 off, etc. Here's
  13. Those should already be in there... They are there on mine. I assume you're talking about this issue? http://forums.sabnzbd.org/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=8569&start=300#p61875 That's supposed to be fixed in new version due out in a few days. I spent a while trying to get that far, ended up finding out that my search criteria wasn't perfect (still don't know what was wrong with it), and the background service wasn't running. He'll be putting in better logging later, so ideally will be able to work everything out shortly.
  14. Found the problem. I'll need to point it to a different app source, for now just do a search for "decimal.Decimal" in that file, and put any hardcoded numbers in quotes, (turn them into strings). Someone didn't know how to use the decimal.Decimal function.
  15. Awesome guys, thanks for the encouragement. Once I get all this stuff integrated together, is there interest in a v5 plugin? I'm integrating sickbeard, sabnzbd, moviegrabber, couchpotato, flexget (for the stuff outside the realm of the others), pyload, mysql DB for XBMC, and maraschino (just pointing it to the right place really), so it might take a bit. I'm kind of liking things as I'm looking at them for v5 plugins, I'd like to have auto-start/stop on array start/stop, since right now my stuff isn't to hot with an unmounted array (if you store stuff on cache directory rather than SNAP).