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  1. Hello everyone, I'm planning to build a new computer and install unraid on it. What do you think about this hardware for it? (Little bit video/audio/photo editing, programming, internet). It probably will be Windows 10 and Hackintosh. CPU: Ryzen 3900x GPU: RX580 MDB: x570 gaming wifi+BT Ram: 16GB Storage: 480GB SSD + 6TB Power supply: 500W Do you think the Hackintosh will run smoothly? This hardware is okay for your opinion? Thanks guys.
  2. About 1500$. Including everything (GPU, CPU, Motherboard, Storage, Memory, etc...) Thanks.
  3. Hello everyone, I'm looking for a new computer to build it by myself. I'd like to use Hackintosh as my primary OS and Windows as my secondary os. Also, I'd like to use some dockers. What would you recommend me to buy? (GPU, CPU, motherboard, storage, memory). If I can choose, what is better? One CPU with 6/8 cores and 3.6GHz or 2xCPU with 2.6GHz and 6 core each? Thanks!
  4. Hello! I'd like to build my own computer, but I want to run Mac OS as my primary OS and Windows as my Secondary one. As much as I know, there are specific hardware to run the Mac OS perfectly. (GPU, CPU, audio, Bluetooth, network, etc...) Please help me with your experience, what's the best hardware with the best prices to do so? Thanks!