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  1. I was on 6.7.2 stable before. Overall seeing performance improvements, i've just never got on with VM's tbh in unraid
  2. Updated to 6.8rc9 over the weekend, since then my Windows 10 VM does a BSOD every 10 mins. What I have tried: Updated virtio drivers to 0.1.173 Running Machine I440fx-4.1 Bios: OVMF Hyper-V: Yes Primary V-Disk Bus: VirtIO Any thoughts?
  3. Really considering moving away from unraid at the moment, at least for VM's. Firstly the pass through, tried to pass an nvidia gtx 670 through to a Windows 10 VM, not happy, i have it set up so i can rdp in too it but when select the gpu it shows it booting but i can't actually get in too it. Unable to turn the hyper-v option off that every recommends as a first step, if i set it to off and save changes it re-enables itself. Also have a ubuntu VM and today out of nowhere it started but no network, when watch it boot get " a start job is running for raise network" then after 5 minutes it times out. Only changes i've made lately are nic teaming in r-r mode (i have a managed switch) however the bridge name remains the same and all VM's show the same bridge name. It just feels such an uphill struggle to get unraid VM's to work. I want them to "just work" not them randomly stop working one day or not work at all :(