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  1. @LumberJackGeek - had the same issue. This is how I solved it after @binhex made sure to add it to the image: 1. Menu > View > Preferences > Check "Expert mode:" 2. Click on the "Advanced" tab 3. Where it says "ccextractor executable location", use the explorer to find the right path: /bin/ccextractor 4. Click "Apply", Click "OK" 5. Restart the app Hope that helps.
  2. @binhex - You nailed it. Problem solved! And thanks again.
  3. First of all, @binhex - Thanks for creating this image - fantastic. Secondly, I'm trying to figure out how to add my license key to makemkv. I manually typed it in under the Menu > Help > Register dialogue. It fails to accept it every time. Any ideas? Thanks in advance