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  1. 6.8.0 should not make any difference to prior Unraid version (at least untill 6.2.2 24922), kernel version does indeed VIRTIO will not work unless you have a modified bootloader, e1000e, vmxnet3, e1000 should in any case and play around....
  2. Don't know how, didn't get this to work the proper way.... Got 8.2.6-6009 with 25 camera's running with the help of someone I've been in contact over the years and is much appreciated
  3. Yes you should.... Nope... won't work out of the box You need the 1.02b bootloader with VIRTIO drivers Else it won't be any different
  4. Not a dumb question... Yes running 6.1.7 as max version on 1.02b Tried them all. This is definately the most stable You can get VIRTIO to work with a kernel extract, plenty of guide's around. As long as not above kernel 3.11* (not sure, just google it) But I did not manage to get it to work.
  5. Sorry for the late reply, notifications were turned off Didn't try but from what I have been reading regarding Quickconnect it only worked for some first DSM 6.x versions. Also original MAC / SN needed to be emulated and only working till certain DSM version. Last 2 lines not sure though. This is what I remember to have read a few weeks ago on various other forums! I use my own domain-name pointed directed to Unraid with reverse proxy to dockers and xpeno VM. Any specific reason you need the Quickconnect to work? Now running 1.02 on 6.1.7 VIRTIO in stead of e1000e btw. Seems the network is more stable and speed of mounted shares to unraid less or close to zero cap... Fixed there is no more need editing the xml e1000e, sata controller, NFS/CIFS network cap, and unexplained constant high network load in DSM. Also much faster... guess the only plausible explanation is needs to work less harder on VIRTIO compared to e1000e...
  6. Been playing around for days and got it working on Unraid VM Xpenology. DSM 6.2.2, 3615xs 24922 (latest), 1.03b Jun's loader Step-by-step guide working for me: Create VM use CENTOS First scroll down make sure it's set to br0 Either copy MAC and edit synoboot.img , or edit MAC / SN after generation use OSFmount set time-out in synoboot.img to 10 secs Copy edited synoboot.img to wanted location and set permissions to 7777 Host Passtrough (i'm on i3-6100) Choose initial memory Set machine as Q35-3.0 Use SeaBIOS Primary vDisk Location eg /mnt/cache/xpenology/synoboot.img (use USB, manual) 2nd vDisk location either /dev/sd*** or create Manual eg /mnt/cache/xpenology/vdisk.img (use SATA, enough gb-space, qcow2) deselect start VM after creation and click apply edit created VM, right top corner to XML view change br0 model type from VIRTIO to e1000e change hdd bus sata controller from 0 to 1 update and back out to main VM page Unraid start VM, right after start go to VNC remote Since you changed timeout to 10 you will now be able to select the bottom line of the loader from 1st option Baremetal to 3rd option VMware I know you can change default option in synoboot to VMware as well but it might occur your's will only work on Baremetal, this way you don't have to re-edit your'e synoboot.img again... done and good luck , let me know if this worked out for you ! Gr, Marc