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  1. Hi All Could someone take a look at my diagnostics and let me know what disk is causing me to get an error from time to time. I have a spare 4TB (new) disk to put in to replace the offending disk but the smart reports in unraid seem to all report back OK. Cheers tower-diagnostics-20200715-1356.zip
  2. something is still not right. I just powered down my server checked all sata connections and powered back up. all drives are showing up fine but i got this ? so i am trying to stop the array and its just saying Retry unmounting disk shares. I have lost all my dockers too
  3. ok cheers i will check all the connections and make sure everything is all ok.
  4. OK quick update, power cycled the server and the SSD has come back to life. the Docker has also successfully updated its self and unraid is reporting that cache disk has returned to normal operation. I would love to get to the bottom of this and replace a disk if needed
  5. Thanks Johnnie I am going to power cycle the server and see what happens. do you think one of the SSD's is going bad? they are not that old so i might get lucky with a warranty return if so
  6. hmmm im going with SSD failed. just stopped the array and now cannot see one of the SSD's to start the array i need to "stat will remove the missing cache disk and then bring the array online" will this cause any issues ?
  7. Its funny you mention that i just ran a smart report on the drives as i can see the temp of 1 of the SSD's but not the other. I can get a smart report out of one but not the other. they are both mirrored so pulling/disabling one of the drives should solve this and replace drive? If its a dropped drive im not having much luck had a WD red fail on me a week ago and had to replace this.
  8. OK to confirm delete the app from the "main" screen and then reinstall? i have a feeling its going to fail as for some reason i cannot install any apps currently.
  9. I have just noticed that if i try and install ANY app from the app store i get this message it seems unraid has gone into a read only file system? Error: open /var/lib/docker/tmp/GetImageBlob289845255: read-only file system
  10. Hi Guys not sure if this is a Docker issue or a Unraid issue however i went to update my Binhex plexpass docker and it failed to update. now all i get is this? any ideas? If i try and start it i get the Execution error
  11. I have not checked out the status of this for some time so the LSIO plex docker is something new? I use the Binhex Plexpass docker