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  1. I looked into it all and went with a 850VA 520watt APC unit. I could get my system to draw 300watts doing 2x 4k plex transcodes and while doing a parity check. however the chances of that being done at the same time and during a power cut (given my router will loose power so plex transcodes will be cut off) are very very slim. Im not after it staying on. if the power is out for more than say 30/60 seconds then all i want is it to gracefully shut down until i can go turn it back on. Talking of turning it back on can this be done remotely quite easily? I would not have an issue leaving the server off until the UPS is charged back up.
  2. Randall8686

    What UPS?

    Not sure if im in the right area of the forum but seemed the best section. I have been having annoying power outages at night and its upsetting my server. So im after a UPS that will run the server for say 60 seconds and then if power not restored shut down. Lots of options on amazon for £100 mark. Any particular brands play nicely with Unraid? any to avoid?
  3. There are Dozens and dozens of files with names. some contain missing files. Is there anyway of restoring these automatically or do i need to manually go through it all
  4. Yea its working ok now. Very strange.
  5. tower-diagnostics-20220818-1638.zip
  6. Tried -L still saying unmountable Edit, hadto start in non maintenance mode and it came back. Is it possible to see from my diag why this happened?
  7. My server has restarted and im not sure why but I seem to be having issues with Disks, Disk 1 is showing as unmountable on the main tab but showing as healthy on the Dashboard tab Disk 3 is showing as missing but think its in unassigned devices. this is what i get when i try to XFS repair Any help most welcome Phase 1 - find and verify superblock... Phase 2 - using internal log - zero log... Log inconsistent (didn't find previous header) failed to find log head zero_log: cannot find log head/tail (xlog_find_tail=5) ERROR: The log head and/or tail cannot be discovered. Attempt to mount the filesystem to replay the log or use the -L option to destroy the log and attempt a repair. tower-diagnostics-20220818-1553.zip
  8. have run it again and no change OK thanks i have never built a drive back onto its self so will double check im doing everything right then give that a go. I have a feeling that the Sata expantion cards I am using are a bit pony.
  9. So i have had a couple of drives fail, but disk 4 in my system is showing as unmountable in maintenance mode, done a quick check and it done a number of things but still showing as faulty (im fairly sure the disk is OK) attached is my diagnostics, if anyone could offer some advice im at a bit of a loss on this one, tower-diagnostics-20220423-2346.zip
  10. It worked !!! Thanks guys! really appreciate the knowledge. seems it was Disk 4 itimpi said! disk 4 had quite a lot of corrections to make the rest where very quick. Is there a reason why this happens? Is the disk in need of replacement? saves me driving to pickup the off site backup so really am thankful! Interested to know a little more of the cause of the corruption.
  11. OK there is a load of text its generated (way too much to copy paste here) including list of files etc. but it does have this at the end No modify flag set, skipping phase 5 Inode allocation btrees are too corrupted, skipping phases 6 and 7 No modify flag set, skipping filesystem flush and exiting.
  12. OK i am just rebooting in maintenance mode as we speak. I will take the advice and check them all
  13. Literally just added it, somehow i did not drag it accross with the pictures. Its really odd some Shares are ok and have found a couple of shares missing entire folder structures yet its all present on the disks.
  14. Hi All So i had a drive fail, During checking a I knocked the power cable out of 1 of 2 parity drives. So unraid gave it a red cross. I knew it was due to lack of power so i just left it red. done the drive rebuild on the new drive then once all was good told it that it was a new Config. However im missing some (not all) files when i browse the Network drives. For example when i browse certain folders on any device the folders are completely empty. Yes if i browse /mnt/disk3 etc the files are there. I do have off site so its not the end of the world but Is there a way to get these back? the files are clearly on the disks but do not show on any file explorer etc. the even more weird part is some of the files in these folders are spread over mutiple disks not just the onces replaced. quick edit if i in file explorer goto \\TOWER\disk2\File1 etc then i can see all the files. Yet the network drive "Y:\" is empty now. at least i can see all the files but what has happened and is there a way to correct it and what did i do wrong? Obviously been a bit of a tool somehwhere along the line. Sorry its getting a little more fragmented but maybe these pictures will help. tower-diagnostics-20220203-1059.zip