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  1. I have not checked out the status of this for some time so the LSIO plex docker is something new? I use the Binhex Plexpass docker
  2. What Plugin are you using for plex to transcode without any messing about?
  3. Would also like to know. Just logged into unraid to be told 6.8.0 is available but obviously not in unraid nvidia yet. Edit did not realize this was released today. just happened by chance i went onto unraid today for the first time in about 10 days. No rush guys appreciate the hard work
  4. thank you for the answer, not what i wanted to hear but hey ho, I will have to try and find another solution to remotely restart the docker container without access to the GUI
  5. Hi all Long and short of this I can login to Unraid using "root" username and turn on/off VM's etc however i want to create another user than can just login to turn on and off 1 specific VM (actually its a Docker not a VM) its a game Docker i have setup for some friends (a game server) it now and then needs restarting from the home page and i want 1 user to be able to login to unraid and simply be able to "restart" that 1 docker but have no access to any other dockers or file systems etc. Is this possible? Thanks in advance.
  6. perfect thanks for that i will keep an eye on it. it was yesterday when the weather was extremely hot here (also got disk temp warning) 46c that disk is connected via a PCI Sata card so could be that getting also. Will keep an eye and if it goes up will disconnect the cable and replace.
  7. Hi All Unraid has thrown a disk error up for me and i am unsure how to read into it. The sytem seems to be working fine so guess this is a pre warning? See attached report downloaded from unraid. it has tuned orange sue to this picture Any advice welcomed. Thanks Disk Report.txt
  8. Ah ok well hopefully I will get an update to the I’m guessing plex client on the shield. It’s been going on a while now. Very annoying given I purchased the shields simply for using plex on my TV’s as I was told they are one of the best bits of hardware to use plex on.... typical lol. +1 on the holiday go enjoy time with family we don’t have enough time with the ones we love as it is and life is too short! Enjoy chap! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. I am using two nvidia shields internally in the network and sometimes an iPad, the iPad is usually fine as the server transcodes for that but both shields are connected to the network via Ethernet speed tested at 997mpbs down 1008mbps up to the server witha ping of less than 1ms and a jitter of 0.4 or less. I have tested the network performance to iron out issues there but I lifted floors etc to run cat6 all around the house instead of wifi. It’s not a network issue and I’m fairly sure it’s not a server performance issue either. It’s just a plex issue the problem also happens from time to time on the LG plex app (for LG TVs) seems strange I only get issues with performance on direct play and not converting. Some times I also get audio sync issues with direct play especially with TV recordings yet throw convert automatically on and I don’t have those issues. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Interesting thoughts from everyone, it’s not the paying for I have an issue with. If some one spends time on making great software I’m happy to pay for it. I personally would not work for free and don’t expect others too but free is always a bonus. But I just want the best solution. I share my library with about 10 users and plex is really easy for the parents to use. I do have issues with plex. Just watching a film on direct play now in my network and get a message of “server not powerful enough” yet will happily transcode a 4K stream outside my network. So plex is not without its faults. I think if plex supported encoding/deciding by default, did not have the odd hiccup with available bandwidth/server power when I know that is not an issue as if I play on convert automatically on my tv its faultless (nvidia shield on a 1gbit network) I would be really happy with it. But plex themselves won’t say if they intend on supporting decoding via gpu hardware or not. Frustrating when you spend money with them. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Given the hit and miss rate of this and my lack of understanding alot of this (although i have HW decoding and encoding working thanks to members on here) has anyone else thought of jumping ship to EMBY/tried it? Im debating giving it a go and see how i get on with it. im an annual user of plex and was debating the lifetime plex pass when it next comes out but the lack of HW decoding is seriously tempting me to just move to a working solution. How do people find EMBY? im guessing that the app is not as common as plex on older smart TV's etc?
  12. can anyone point me towards a place to learn about running scripts? i would like to run the "disconnect transcodes paused for 20mins" but i need to learn what i am doing. others have been so helpfull in here getting my server to run the nvidia decoding script but would love to actually learn how to do these things for myself. My background is electronic engineering and hardware so repairing a motherboard and even replacing soldered chips/cpu's/gpu's are well within my capability but when it comes to coding,programming im a 90 year old lol.
  13. This is exactly what I need I will have a look at that when I’m home as I have shot out now. Anything paused for more than 30 can be killed happy with that Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk