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  1. Here is a written guide from LevelOneTechs, just thought I should mention it here: Complimentary videos are on the Gamers Nexus YouTube channel. Thank you so much for the answer! Thanks so much for your work and contribution! Also, I am really surprised that UnRAID is running on the latest kernel! I was really thinking that it would be on some old kernel since NAS/server distros tend to do so. Also, on the GUI side of things, there is some active development on integrating ZFS with Cockpit: Would running cockpit on UnRAID or integrating the ZFS-manager plugin into the OS itself be something that could be feasible?
  2. Hey guys! I am looking to switch from FreeNAS to unRAID for VM, docker and general Linux reasons like device drivers (Fusion-IO cards) etc. Does this plugin use ZFS versions >=0.8? I specifically want native zfs encryption support.