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  1. Reboot fixed the issue and the array started properly
  2. My flash drive failed. Windows wasnt able to detect any data and always prompted me to format. Instead I recovered all data (since my backup is stored on the array.. stupid, I know). Using the USB creator I created a new stick. Afterwards I codied all the files I restored. Now on the Main page the proposed configuration of the array is off. The parity disk is swapped for disk1. Down below, to start the array I'm asked to enter and confirm a new password. But my array before already was encrypted. Questions: Where can I read up on what to do? How can I restore my configuration? Should I enter a new password? Or better should I enter the old password as the new one?
  3. Do you mean whats in clover under ACPI? Or also the Black Screen Patch Vega 56/64, RX580 etc. (c)Pike R. Alpha?
  4. Changing the network adapter from e1000-8... to vmxnet3 fixed the issue though I was able to disable under ACPI: add DTGP; FixDisplay; PluginType; DisableASPM with no problem thanks @Leoyzen and @david279
  5. Also booted with the Radeon vii the network does no longer work and the SystemUIServer is not responding
  6. Yes Lilu 1.3.8 - 1.3.9 doesnt show at weg 1.3.3 - again I cannot find the latest version (1.3.4 on the interwebs) updated it and it works no problem. I didnt do it before cause I didnt need audio and the gpu worked nevertheless I'm on it
  7. Thanks @david279 but this didn’t change anything. I tried to configure my vm from scratch using the Radeon vii but this only bricked my gpu. I used the Form view at first, added my gpu and then edited the xml. This didn’t work. So there may be something wrong with the xml part and integrating the gpu. As I said: the system works fine with VNC but behaves weird with the gpu (though the gpu seems to work fine) here is my updated xml: macOS_Catalina_xml_updated.txt
  8. thanks. Now its booting correctly. but I still get the broken OS issue. Namely Finders status in the dock is "Application Not Responding". Some other system programs do work though.
  9. Sorry. I should have known, but its been a long day. Removed it and updated the xmls. @trurl
  10. Hello Guys, I successfully had my mojave vm up and running on my radeon vii (specs below) thanks to comment by Leoyzen. I installed it using the provided guide of this thread. Everything worked fine. With hardware acceleration and even the reset bug was fixed. For 2 days I'm now trying to install Catalina without success. Yesterday I stumbled across Macinabox. Installation and initial setup worked like a charme, but to get my radeon vii running is a mess. Again, following the comment by Leoyzen I tried to tweak clover to get my gpu working. But my vm wont boot using MacPro7,1 and iMacPro1,1 (and some more) (Clover seems to be caught in a loop). It boots up fine using iMac18,3 for instance but the OS is only unusable (Finder wont launch for instance) when it is using the radeon vii. The same system works fine using the same smbios with VNC. Also under About this Mac the processor is shown as a 3,79GHz Intel Core solo. Does anyone have a clue whats going on? Or do you need more information? Thanks in advance Here are my files: macOS_Catalina_xml_VNC.txt macOS_Catalina_xml_radeon_vii_USB.txt