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  1. @Leoyzen thnaks for the suggestion, i will try docker-create but i think itll run into the same issue with vt-x not being detected so i might need to try building one by hand. let the learning begin
  2. Oh really? i am actually trying this on an amd cpu also.. to confirm are you using macinabox also? or is it a straight mac osx vm? thats pretty much the functionality im chasing
  3. nah im trying to run virtiualization inside the mac produced by the container, use it for development purposes. docker virtualbox ect. But i think the specs that are mocked dont allow vt-x to be detected mac OS vm side
  4. hey everyone, i am using the macinabox container to run catalina, does anyone know how to get virtualization working in the vm? thanks!
  5. +1 to the suggestion for using docker plugin, can even just hook it up to the box running this container and it can dynamically spin up and kill docker containers per build. works great! thanks again @binhex
  6. quick follow up, it might have been bad ram all along. memtest86 confirmed i had a dodgy stick so be sure to run that if you run into this issue also
  7. well its been running for 12 hours without a hitch so i guess ill mark this as closed. still not sure what caused the connection closing via a direct rsync. But if you stumble across this and think you have a similar issue just try mounting the remote resource and rsync that mount instead. Thanks again @testdasi
  8. just a followup incase anyone else runs into this. Jenkins supports private keys but there is nowhere to upload the public key, so what you need to do is either copy the private and public keys in question onto the container or just run then generate an ssh key on the container, then upload that private key into jenkins
  9. haha so looks like i spoke too soon. although this time it may be unrelated thought i would mention it just incase.. my script threw "Transport endpoint is not connected", and i was unable to ls the /mnt/user folder with it returning the same error. googling suggested checking the filesystem so i ran xfs_repair on all the disk mounts. nothing needed fixing. rebooted and it was all back and the script rsyncing with the mount method is continuing on
  10. so a quick update. i decided to try mounting the smb share of the files im trying to rsync and the issue seems to have stopped occuring although i have noticing every now and then i see so i guess whatever it is is still occurring but nowhere near as much as it was with an rsync via ssh
  11. hey @testdasi, so i tried the pci NIC, the rsync kept repeating the same issue, so i tried disabling the onboard NIC and still the issue occured. So tried a different lan cord for the destination pc to the first switch and another lan cord for the host pc to the other switch still no change.do you know of a way i can test the NIC external of the rsync command so i can try to rule out the data So if its not the NIC do you happen to have any more suggestions as to what could be causing this issue? Thanks!
  12. aw fack, it has already been restarted multiple times since this issue started occuring so i think it may be busted. checking the syslog again it has only done the double up and down once in the last hour. But i do have a spare pci NIC so i will chuck that in tommorow morning and see if the problem goes away. fingers crossed! Thanks again!
  13. so i tried checking all the cabls, power cycled my router and two switches between the two pcs below is the syslog summary, i do see mentions to NIC but i am not too familiar on if anything is wrong in it
  14. hey again dasi, thanks for the reply. in regards to just brute forcing it, i tried playing back a couple of the files that took 3-4 --partial rsyncs to make it across and they seem okay. Shouldnt rsync see files differ anyway and just recopy or is there still a risk that it think 100% made it across and just didnt? yeah i had a feeling it was network related. it is about 40tb of content the first time i rsynced it went fine not this issues once from a -> b back when a was just a windows box. now i am going b -> a and this issue didnt start occuring until about 25% of the way through. i did check a few cables reset one of the switches thinking it might have been the cause. i will try cycling all the network and giving all the cables a check. If it was an overheating NIC would the syslog reveal this? if not how would i go about diagnosing this. Thanks again!
  15. after trying to resolve this trying various weird things for the last 3-4 days my current budge is to brute force it while i continue trying to find a soultion.. bit by bit its getting through the files....