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  1. Thx so much! Ive found a loophole where i made it MBR with a Kubuntu iso using Rufus (the .zip for unraid won't work in rufus apperently). I then deleted all contents that was extracted from the iso. Extracted the unraid zip to the usb drive. Ran the cmd commandline and no more MBR rubbish!
  2. It does have a GUID. (I don't know how senitive it is so I did 'blur' some numbers)
  3. Idk what GUID is, but the brand of my stick is HEMA. (A local store's home brand from the Netherlands)
  4. It's a Usb 2.0 port and a usb 2.0 stick, and I'm sure it has just one partition
  5. Thx, and I will. (I've also changed in in the post)
  6. Hi Unraid Community, I'm currently trying to build my first Unraid server and I've come to the point where I want to install Unraid. During the setup of the Boot USB I've stumbled upon some inconveniences: Firstly the USB creation tool doesn't detect the (formatted to FAT32) USB Stick: So of course I tried doing it manually which gave me a "MBR DENIED" error: After some research I didn't find anything that could help me nor at all... Could someone please help me out? Yours sincerly, Coolmeesje PS: there is nothing wrong with my USB-Stick since I was able to make it a bootable disk countless times before (for Kubuntu/Win10).