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  1. @binhex Thank you very much, I will go pull it down this evening! Edit: works perfectly, much appreciated!
  2. @binhex, Is there a way to get to the bedrock server console? If not, would you consider adding screen to the next updat so we can attach to the console after it has been launched?
  3. @jfrancais, @thetinker86 Try logging out of the ms/xbox account in the settings menu. When my kids log in to ms account, all local lan servers disappear from "friends" tab. When not logged in, they can see servers on local lan, both the unraid server and the games each other are hosting.. If you cannot log out of the account, just add the server ip to the "servers" tab and it should show up in that tab. However, you may need to start adding xuids on the server permissions to allow them access.
  4. Try entering the commands using the chat window. That worked for my kids regarding keep inventory.
  5. Can you clarify how to connect to the console on this bedrock install? This doesn't work for me from the unraid CLI docker exec -u nobody -t <name of container> /usr/bin/minecraftd console And when I go snooping in the docker CLI, there is nothing minecraft related at /usr/bin. I do see the files inside nobody inside home
  6. I got a few VM's running that could see the vhd: centos, LXQT and one other one that was based on ubuntu LTS. Others still not working. Can anyone confirm that a stock lubuntu works for them and can see the vhd? I tried 2/4 CPU, 4/8GB ram, 10/50GB vhd on each of my test runs. Thanks in advance if anyone has tips!
  7. I have tried installing several VM of different flavors, but none of the VM's can see their virtual hard drive. On Ubuntu variations, I get a notice on boot MODSIGN: Couldn't get UEFI db list Using lubuntu, I do see an icon for "QEMU HARDDISK" but trying to open gives Error: Can't mount file. lubuntu.xml A sample xml is attached, see anything that stands out?