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  1. I got a few VM's running that could see the vhd: centos, LXQT and one other one that was based on ubuntu LTS. Others still not working. Can anyone confirm that a stock lubuntu works for them and can see the vhd? I tried 2/4 CPU, 4/8GB ram, 10/50GB vhd on each of my test runs. Thanks in advance if anyone has tips!
  2. I have tried installing several VM of different flavors, but none of the VM's can see their virtual hard drive. On Ubuntu variations, I get a notice on boot MODSIGN: Couldn't get UEFI db list Using lubuntu, I do see an icon for "QEMU HARDDISK" but trying to open gives Error: Can't mount file. lubuntu.xml A sample xml is attached, see anything that stands out?