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  1. Yes, correct date and time as well as the timezone. However, I think my time management is not quite right for this docker. If I run a scheduled task for a specific time on a specific day, it doesn't run until 19hours after that time (i.e. 2am executes at 9pm of the same day)
  2. Finally got an opportunity to try some things. - Putting the server to v4+v6 did not further the error - Added "-o tls=yes" in the ARG line to try and force it to TLS and it did pop a new error indicating keys are not functioning. Due to the last error, and your ability to send email, I'm going to demise that it's something misconfigured or not configured on my system and the feature is functions (thanks for that!). Mine is pretty much out of the box with only a few dockers/plugins/VMs for internal usage. I've not setup remote access/administration so I've not had a need for nginx or any other similar type of remote tool. I'm guessing something along this line needs setup in order to establish TLS connections. Dockers do have internet access (like Emby, Plex, etc) so I know the bridge is working. I'll need to do some system troubleshooting to see if I can figure this part out Thank you so much for all your hard work, it is very much appreciated! ed
  3. I had already tried it, it's the same INET6 error. It also doesn't automatically select the correct port, it tries 25 by default, I suspect this is because it can't get an outbound connection. I added the port to the server to try and it failed as well. I tried gmail and my own personal cloud mail server without success. From what I can tell, I have my OS network settings to use v4 Only but the docker is trying to use v6 as a default (probably the default lo for v6 that Unraid uses is causing it to appear as an available protocol). My next test is to switch the network settings to use v4 and/or v6 and retest but I can't shutdown VM and docker right now. Adding that SHOULD provide the ability for it to bridge to v4 (hybrid approach) but I'm uncertain how complex the Unraid failover configuration works. I'd rather turn on v6 for the server than to remove routes. I'm thinking that will work, or at least give a further error beyond this one. I should be able to make the switch in about 10 hours and then I'll send an update. Thanks!!!
  4. Same error. After a little more investigation, now that I have confirmation that adding the port to the servername is functional, it might be a TCPIPv6 binding issue. IF INET6 is indicating the correct error, that is. Apparently, it's a common enough issue with docker where it will bind to v6 and if you're running v4 it will fail. From what I've gone through so far (about 20 postings), there's no "easy" way to fix it and sometimes it's confined to an OS and docker combo (although this is muddled too because some say it works correctly on their same OS). I'm not certain specifically, and will continue to scour. My google-fu is still running validation but I thought I'd respond with the preliminary findings. Thanks again!!!
  5. Thank you for the quick work! Unfortunately, it didn't work and I think it's because it uses the default port 25. is there a VAR for port selection? smtp.live.com uses a different port (587) and it'd be more configurable for other servers or relays using a VAR for the port. TLS was used during the attempt and this is definitely further than initially tested. Thank you so much for this effort!
  6. Correct. I'd like to use it, if available. Is another method being used elsewhere or are people not sending status emails for jobs?
  7. luckyBackup question: I've been trying to figure out how to get the email feature to work so I assume I'm missing critical information in setting it up. LB documentation mentions installing packages (whatever you want to use) and use the command for that package. unraid already has built-in mail function (I use this with my user.scripts) but what I can't figure out is how to get that to work with LB, if possible. I'd prefer not to introduce additional software when a function is built-in (redundant to me) and I'd like to keep the process as simple as possible. Could someone please help me by pointing me in the correct direction for a resolution? I'd like to transition to LB from the user.script backup solution I'm currently using but without the email function it is not desirable for my requirement. Thanks in advance, ed