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  1. I solved the mistery: it's the Q35. If I choose i440f is all goes back to normal.
  2. This is something strange. With 6.3 all was fine and dandy, and the system was running with very low power when idle. Now with 6.4 I have an issue with the QEMU system. Even when the virtual host (a Fedora system) sits in idle, the UNRAID host is consuming a whole core with the QEMU system running at 100% or more. Anyone else noticed this behaviour? (I have an INTEL cpu, just to get Meltdown in the fray)
  3. Which is $4 more expensive then the Home edition and does not allow Peer-to-Peer backup.
  4. None at the moment. And it is a real pain: Crashplan was working like a charm, and now I have to re-start looking for another provider that I can embed in UNRaid... bummer
  5. Never done, but I don't see why not in theory. In practice some testing should be done. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. And you are right: 3com is way better the Realtek, hands down. Thought be careful of "old" hardware:?i had a glitch on a 10/100 3com board that was hard to troubleshoot, until I moved to a newer Intel board. Yeah, Intel boards are quite something
  7. Unless you are segregating your wireless network on that segment (ie: your wan router serves as a wireless AP too). In that case 100mbit will be tight pretty much soon Be careful, you are getting way too close to legacy land
  8. If you write the relative commands in the go file, then yes.
  9. Tonight i'll do a couple of snapshots. Hang on tight
  10. Well, I use the web Vnc console, but it is very sporadic that I use it, since I run Linux boxes on the hypervisor.
  11. Ah! I never used the novnc setting, and certainly not during install: you must have access to the console somehow, unless you are doing a silent headless install, but that's something corporations do to install defined is images that are preconfigured, something we don't do at our level. But the important thing is that you got it to work.
  12. I am sorry, but I didn't quite catch. Your interfaces are up and assigned to the vm? And yes, you are always supposed to use Vnc to install a vm. After you have configured it you can access it via the network with a terminal, Vnc, Xserver or rdp (if windows)
  13. A couple of things changed since 6.0 went live. 1) you do not have to fiddle with PCI, the current web interface does that for you. Do don't do anything there. 2) in the network settings of unraid, did you turn on or off the bridging directive?
  14. I am sure that I can further optimize things. I am reading usage from the ups (apc), but the 23 watts base usage is quite right: it supports: - Adsl router - WiMAX modem - 16 ports switch - USB drive I did try switching them of vine by one, and the most power hungry is the switch. But figures seem correct. During the next week I'll try getting things better optimized.
  15. Amazon delivered, and I got "working" right away. The new rig has come to life and the actual power consumption with disks spinned down is of 63watts, double of my target. Adding another 23 watts of router/switch and total consumption takes me to a mark of 86, which is half of my previous 160 watts. The new rig is absolutely silent and it has a total of 4 fans: PSU and CPU, plus 2 more 12 cm put one in front of the case for cooling HDs and another one in the back, sucking CPU heat out. I am debating if I want to keep all the fans going, but it is summer, so I guess some extra airflow
  16. So, I made the order and this is what I have got. Memory, Power Supply, HDs will all be recovered from previous setups. The rest of what I have at hand will be sold off on ebay (the N54L as a whole and the Dell T105 stripped down for spare parts). Maybe in the end I'll end up with the money for a nice bigger HD to add to the last of the SATA connections.
  17. Indeed! Thank you for the heads up. Tomorrow I'll test things out.
  18. So this is the famous "disk export" that I kept reading abut and couldn't quite understand what and were it was. Well, this changes a lot, I could share a raw disk with my virtual machine in 9p and have al mailboxes there... this is and eye opener!
  19. You are actually right.. I have read up just a minute ago that it is an issue with fuse.shfs. But if I were to export /mnt/diskX/mailbox, wouldn't that mangle the parity drive? I have no problem in forcing a low level export and to keep stuff all on a drive, but I want to retain the parity safeguard.
  20. Just to let you know.. tomorrow I'll buy the bits from Amazon. I'll go with the i3-4150, since it is on offer for the same price of the i3-4130.
  21. Hi all. Seems that hard linking is not supported by unRAID. Is this a feature that will be added/worked on, or not? root@Tower:/mnt/user/mailbox/testmbox# ln tmp/foo new/foo ln: failed to create hard link ‘new/foo’ => ‘tmp/foo’: Function not implemented
  22. Thanks to everyone for the great inputs. I have really appreciated your insights. I think I'll really go the Pentium way... still have time 'till the 9th for a decision, but I am realizing that the pentium solution can very well be the way to go after all.
  23. Yeah, the Pentium G3258 wins hands down over the Athlon 5350. The point on CPU load (what it really means in unixland) is the number of threads running cuncurrently. Now, it is true that the faster the processor, the faster the thread will come to completion, so a 2 core CPU may very well be more interesting then a 4 core, just for the simple fact that if the single core processes work faster, it is done faster, so it can take on more work. This weekend I'll finish the consolidation process (both servers move on to unRaid 6 platform) on the N54L, and I'll monitor the Turion, which is