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  1. That is good to know! How do I do that? 😒
  2. I had a problem over the weekend, and I'm not sure what the solution is. I've been using "My Servers" since I upgraded to 6.9.X and it's a nice feature. This weekend, however, I shut my server down to swap some lower capacity drives for larger capacity ones. I rebooted, and couldn't access my server on my local network. I utilize PiHole as my DNS server in a VM.....and without my array running I could not access the internet, and my browser wouldn't let me access me server via the local IP address. It kept trying to point me to the address. I ended up having to use my cell phone as a hot-spot, and then I could access my server that way and restart my array. Could there be a easier way to access the server locally?
  3. So here's a final update from me. I ordered a new cable and still had issues. So I returned the card and got a new LSI SAS 9211-8i from a different vendor on Amazon and not a single problem, and it was $20 cheaper. I don't know if my 9207 was a fake, or just defective, but it was definitely a bad card. My MicroATX mobo had one PCI slot, 2 x1 PCI-x, and 1 x16 needless to say I was using the x16 slot the entire time. Also, I'm running a i5 7600 processor. Hopefully this info helps someone!
  4. It definitely sounds like we're dealing with the same issue. Please let me know if you find a solution.
  5. OK, to anyone else who is having issues, here is where I'm at so far with troubleshooting. I figured my first step would be to try accessing the card's BIOS and upgrading the firmware. Hard resets saw an impossibly long (2+ min) screen which read "Avago Tehnologies MPT SAS2 BIOS MPT BIOS-" I put the card in my daughter's computer, and I didn't get any splash screen. It was viewable in the motherboard BIOS (Asus Gryphon) but the text wasn't aligned properly and therefor unreadable. Windows 10 found the card and installed driver's for it without incident. Put the card back into my server, and after the impossibly long boot screen I finally got the ability to view it in my server's BIOS (Asus Prime B250M-C) and it said it has controller SAS2308_2, firmware 20 IT mode. Hopefully this info helps others. I've been trying to run the DOS utility in FreeDOS, but I keep getting a PAL error. And I can't manage to get EFI shell to work because of some comparability module.
  6. Any idea how I would go about checking the legitimacy of the card?
  7. I did purchase a pair of SAS to 4 SATA cables off of Amazon. Could both cables be faulty? I'm not just seeing errors on half the drives, but on all of them.
  8. Hello! I got a little problem and I don't know how to troubleshoot it. I wanted to free up some SATA ports on my motherboard and so I purchased the LSI 9207-8i SAS card, as it was on the recommended hardware list. Now, I'm getting UDMA CRC Error counts popping up on every drive. My array includes 2 parity and 5 data disks, and has been rock stable for almost a year until I added this SAS card. Is there a setting that needs to be modified, or is this a sign of a faulty controller? I'm running the follwing: i5-7500 on a Asus Prime B250M-C motherboard 32Gb RAM Unraid 6.8.0-rc6 Thanks in advance.