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  1. Thanks , I need to deep dive inside your configuration (& check your youtube video), coz it's completely different than mine
  2. I got an error too , little bit different level=error msg="invalid configuration key 'notifier.smtp.disable_verify_cert' was replaced by 'notifier.smtp.tls.skip_verify'"
  3. Hello, If you plan to run the game Genshin Impact on your UnRAID Gaming VM, you will face to this message. "Sorry, this application cannot run under a Virtual Machine." It can be fixed by adding this parameter inside the XML template at CPU part <cpu mode='host-passthrough' check='none'> ... <feature policy='disable' name='hypervisor'/> </cpu> It work from my side, but someone know if it can impact the overall performances of the system?
  4. Hi There, I plan to make some change on my home network configuration, and I will move from a classic 192.168.1.x /24 to another IP range. I would like to know if there is some best practice about UnRAID's IP reconfiguration. I have dockers like swag (letsencrypt), DuckDNS, cloudflare, rad/sonarr, plex, deluge, ombi and few VM. I created a Wireguard Tunnel with peer access I've setup some reverse proxy and I've created also a custom docker network (proxynet ) Could you help me for the checklist after IP change? Thanks in advance for your he
  5. I changed since my configuration Unraid boot on Intel UHD Graphic card and I PassThrough my new Geforce GTX 1650 super on my Gaming VM. Now my PLex can HW Transcode with Intel GPU like a charm and I can play recent games (Full HD Ultra) on my all devices with the winning combination of GeForce Exp & Moonlight or Parsec. With the help of some tweek I can say that my VM is now really close to baremetal.
  6. Thanks testdasi for your answers Mainly Emulators (Dolphins/PSPPP) I was thinking about a GTX 1650 / 1660 Super but best wish is to be able to play in 1080p with high settings (around 50 fps could be ok) Red Dead Redemption 2 & Assassin Creed Odyssey would be the big deal. But My really first interrogation is more on the performance when I'm browsing the VM, it's not really smooth and I don't know if it's related to the Graphic Card.
  7. Hi there, I need your advice about VM and GPU passthrough Today I have only one Intel UHD 630 integrated GPU provided by the intel Core i5 9600K. It's my primary card and I use it also for HW acceleration into PLEX append initrd=/bzroot i915.alpha_support=1 It works like a charm but today I want to do more with my Unraid by creating a dedicated VM for Gaming. By Gaming VM I mean, I would like to GameStream my games (with moonlight) in order to be able to play them on my Nvidia Shield or other devices Today I created a VM on vdisk & I passthrough
  8. Everything seems to be ok now, not sure if I need to recreate a flash drive from backup but after a whole copy of Config folder everything seems to be in place
  9. only copied the config file (with my registration key inside) from a new flash creation After that I just assigned my disk to the array and SSD to cache in order to mount smb share and grab the flashbackup folder
  10. Yes , sounds good, I booted with standard config file and now I can access to my Flashbackup folder , I need to copy the whole config folder to my flash Usb?
  11. the misspellings was due to my typing My first question is if I redo a Flash USB , I will lost everything? or just some configuration? Can I try it? Should I backup something first? I have only 1 HDD for the array and 1 SSD for the Cache. I don't want to loose all docker configuration inside /boot I have a lot of FSK***.rec files and some files but no config / plugins folders
  12. Hello, following a reboot after some changes on VM configuration, I'm not able to boot on gui anymore. warning: file_put_contents(/boot/config/plugins/dynamix/monitor.cron): failed to open stream: not such file ofr directory in /usr/local/emhttp/plugins/dynamix/include Wrappers.php on line 26 And when I look into the /boot/config/ I don't see the folder "plugins" Is it mean that the USB Flash drive has been corrupted ? How can I fix it ? or recover ? Thanks for your support
  13. Thanks a lot for your explanation testdasi, but I've no idea how to deal with this?
  14. 🤗 good hint, I will take it as an advice for all kind of research For AMD I've thought it was fixed by the last release of unRAID, maybe I'm wrong? So appart Quadro there is no recommendation? it's like playing with the lottery? Based upon this, I will not add too much bucks on the Graphic cards...
  15. Thanks a lot. Is it any good reason to not move forward with and AMD GPU Card ? Schema updated according to your recommendation
  16. Interesting, I need to learn how to do this :) Regarding multi-threading algorithm, it's a good news, I thought that split the vCPU use from their physical Core could really impact latency. Regarding GPU pass through I wasn't know it was inside the impossible bucket Do you have some recommendation on a correct GPU Card (around 100$) who could do the job?
  17. Very good remark, and yes it was mentioned by SpaceInvaderOne , you can pass through the windows activation issue by using the same UUID of the motherboard (who was activated on the Baremetal windows) on the VM's XML file. I need more explanation on that point, you mean If I use the iGPU for my windows VM, other Stuff like plex decode will not work? Regarding CPU & Latency, honestly I can image to shutdown Plex if I need more ressources for the VM, but as I will have 6 Cores, I plan to pin some CPU for dedicated use. On schema below, I could have 2 different Pl
  18. Thanks testdasi for your reply To answer to your first question, mainly use will be to have a NAS for complete Media Center Experience, but I expect to have the possibility to play with Windows and to have an environnement to continue to improve Linux competencies For the access, the server will be connected to a TV Screen (for first install & troubleshooting) but after that , I will connect remotely to the VM (with my windows laptop) with WoL plugin & Splashtop and maybe run game remotly with moonlight. For the Windows VM I just saw a youtube video from "SpaceI
  19. Hello community, Future "unRaid" user, I'm building at the moment my HW config. At this point I need some advice to move forward with the hardware configuration/setup First what would be my use Plex HW Transcode with locally no more than 2 streams in parallels and 1 remote (mainly 1080p) Store Media & Backups Daily Download activity with Radarr/Sonarr (small 25mb internet speed) Simple web hosting (nginx/Letsencrypt) very very few traffic Some other light Dockers Be able to run 2 VM (linux and Windows) for Office activities