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  1. I just came across this after setting up a Ubuntu 18.04 VM for the sole purpose of being a FTP server (proftpd). I mounted my FTP root from the unraid array into the VM via fstab. I believe I have it working like I want it (I have 3 separate FTP users that each have a dedicated FTP root folder). The main thing is running into permissions and having the SMB side being able to interact with the FTP files that are being uploaded. It's working, but still need to investigate if I have the permissions in most efficient way. Anyway, I just wanted to know if this is pretty much the same thing except it runs directly from the Unraid linux environment? Would there be any pros or cons to using this over the VM I setup? Unraid is only 6 days old to me so I am still learning the system and just came across this. Thanks!
  2. I think we got somewhere...everything is working better, but may something is still off? I applied the above chown commands to the entire ftp root directory (/mnt/user/FTP_ROOT) and I have each FTP user (3 total with dedicated root folders for each) writing data. Consolidation program is consolidating properly. File permissions are like this now: -rw-rw-rw- 1 FTPUSER2 users 40040 Jan 28 09:28 testfile Some files are orange highlighted now and a lot of the file names have a * after them. Not quite sure what that means yet. Again...working better, just not sure if it is quite right still.
  3. Unraid is showing those permissions. I copied it from Unraid SSH session. Had to get some sleep last night. Working on updating umask in FTP server.
  4. So..I think I am even more confused now. Sorry for my ignorance. Let me say what is going on now. This is what I did: chown -R nobody:users FTPa chmod g+s FTPa I was getting permission denied errors when trying to upload a file. I added User1 to Unraid with read/write to FTP_ROOT (parent folder to FTPa) and was able to get files to upload to FTPa. The permissions attached to the uploaded file are: -rw-r--r-- 1 FTPusername users 92682031 Jan 27 17:33 20200127-203213-1580175133-247300043.tgz The Parent folder permissions are: drwxrws--- 1 nobody users 166 Jan 27 17:33 FTPa/ I am able to copy files to FTPa from Windows SMB. Do these permissions look correct? If so, is there a recursive way to apply g+s to all folders in the FTP_ROOT? I know how to get around Linux somewhat, but I am no expert by any means. I guess I am worried about security as well. I have my 2 ftp users locked down separately in FTPa, FTBb, and FTPc so that should be OK. I guess I need to make sure my backup consolidation program can read as well as make changes to the files as well. I did not do this test on that directory yet. Thanks again for your time and help!
  5. The more I think about this, I want to do this via SSH on unraid and make sure the file permissions are nobody and user. Then by running the chmod g+s on the folder, any file created should inherit the permissions of that folder, not the user who created the file(s). Is that correct? EDIT: lol Now I am thinking I make sure file permissions are correct Unraid side, then run the chmod on the VM side since that is who will be creating the file.
  6. Thanks for the reply. I am going to look at that command tonight. When you say run that on one directory, would I do this Unraid side or VM side?
  7. Hello everyone. I just setup an Unraid server and loving it so far. However, running into a few issues and wanted to see if someone could assist me or at least help me think about doing this a different way to achieve what I need. The main point of the Unraid server was for storage. I had a 10TB drive as a second disk that got full so it made sense to move to Unraid for its obvious benefits. The storage is for backups for various applications (backups and config files basically). The way I previously got these files was via a FTP server that has the FTP root directory on the original 10tb secondary disk. I have 3 primary folders for 3 different applications: Phone Backups, Phone Config, and Computer Backups. Each of these folders has a unique FTP username (Let's say user1, user2, and user3). Since Unraid can easily do VMs, I decided to make an FTP server VM on Ubuntu 18.04. I added the FTP root/share to my /etc/fstab and am able to see that directory in my VM. I created the same usernames mentioned above on the VM. The problem now is I have is permissions. I got the FTP transfers working correctly, but then I am not able use SMB to copy/paste files. I would prefer to be able to access both and I am not quite sure what to do. I have tried in the VM to add each FTP user to group users but have each FTP user own the folder. Messaged around some in unraid via ssh as well. I guess I am not to familiar with how the VM mount permissions works with the unraid permissions and if its even possible for me to do what I need it to do. I have a consolidation program for the computer backups that needs R/W access via the SMB side, but I need the FTP server to be able to upload files to the storage array. This is where permissions are getting screwed up. Any suggestions is much appreciated!
  8. This is what I finally decided to go with: Changed from Intel and AMD and decided to use onboard graphics. One less thing I need in the case. Also changed the case from the original build. I looked at "shuckable" drives, but I decided to go with the NAS drives. I know they are more expensive, but they are designed for this application and this is not for a home build. It will be used in a small business environment. Mainly as plan storage for backups and image files. I also purchased a "slim" 8gb USB 2.0 SanDisk Cruzer Fit flash drive for the OS media to boot. Thanks again everyone. I will report back when I have it together.
  9. Thank ya'll for your replies. I will take a look at AMD and see. I usually prefer AMD but I thought I saw somewhere on this forum where Intel was recommended. I didn't think about the additional cost of the cooler either. Thanks again!
  10. Hello everyone, I am at the point of needing to make a NAS storage server and am looking into using unraid. I put the following hardware together: Would this be compatible with unraid? I looked at the FAQ and besides ECC memory, I think this would be ok for a SOHO environment? This is basically for storage only with the possibility of small headless VMs running low intensity applications. The motherboard supports 8 drives but I only need 20TB right now and third drive would be for parity. Not a big fan of all the RGB stuff, but trying to build this on a budget. After hardware and drives I am at ~$1300.00. Any thoughts would be great. Thanks!