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  1. When I run intel_gpu_top this is the result: Failed to initialize PMU! (No such file or directory) and yes I have IOMMU enabled.
  2. For some reason I can't get intel_gpu_top to display anything. At the command line all I get is file not found.
  3. I will give this a try today or tomorrow. Thank you!
  4. Ok, I'm officially drooling.......
  5. No worries, I'll be here patiently waiting. I figured the reported metrics would be less since it's an igpu and not a dGPU, honestly I'd be happy with just seeing the current load on it, especially with the emergence of 4k tone mapping transcoding.
  6. Are we able to restart the development of this plugin with IGPU quicksync support? I can help beta test if needed.
  7. The new generation of gigabyte z490 boards are using two super IO chips to gather temperature, fan speed, and pwm control. The in kernel driver is 3 years old, thus only supports the IT8792E Super IO chip, but doesn't have updated support for the IT9699E Super IO chip. I'm not that good around linux doing make commands and don't want to mess up my install. Is there a way to include this updated driver in one of the 6.9 betas? This info is gathered from this github issue discussion: Thank you devs!
  8. I recently upgraded my system with a Gigabyte Z490 Vision D motherboard and a 10700k. I also upgraded my install from 6.8.3 to 6.9 beta25 right before the hardware upgrade so the system will support intel 9th/10th gen cpu's for hardware transcoding with IGPU. So I'm not sure if this is a beta issue, or a hardware issue. Help with the attached diagnostics please.
  9. I recently had a HDD fail on my array for the first time, and decided to video the process of dealing with the issue and moving forward. This is filmed in a no nonsense, don't freak out style. I hope it helps you when this inevitably happens everyone.
  10. I love the fact that Limetech actually listens to it's userbase and tries to implement what we desire. In the short term I would have to say having multiple arrays would be my next goto addition to unraid.