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  1. Okay I got it to work I needed to delete the extra /media/downloads in the path mappings and then it works Anways thanks for your help @DZMM you do a fantastic job on these scripts
  2. Okay good Point. I have changed to this: Radarr: /media/downloads <-> /mnt/user/mount_unionfs/google_vfs/downloads/ /media <-> /mnt/user/mount_unionfs/google_vfs/ for sabnzb: /media/downloads <-> /mnt/user/mount_unionfs/google_vfs/downloads/ It is still awfully slow, does the cache settings on the local share have anything to say on this?
  3. I have migrated from the unionFS to MergerFS, but it seems I have very very slow move speed from like sonarr or radarr to my Media folder. (Taking 3 minutes to move 4 GB file), so i think it is somehow Copying instead of Moving. Also if I do the same thing from within the Sonarr docker it also takes this long to MOVE a file. I'm using the following MergerFS command: mergerfs /mnt/user/local/google_vfs:/mnt/user/mount_rclone/google_vfs=RO:/mnt/user/media=RO /mnt/user/mount_unionfs/google_vfs -o rw,async_read=false,use_ino,allow_other,func.getattr=newest,category.action=all,category.create=ff,cache.files=partial,dropcacheonclose=true It seems sonarr is really taking long time to move from the /data to /media in the Sonarr docker. Path mappings: /data <-> /mnt/user/mount_unionfs/google_vfs/downloads/ /media <-> /mnt/user/mount_unionfs/google_vfs/ I can see that the SSD cache is hard at work when it is moving files.