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So I’m interested in the NVIDIA pass through to Docker container option in the beta version of unRAID.  I know you used to be able to do it on 6.8.3, but I guess it was pulled with the recent drama. 

Anyway, if I were to go Beta is there anything I need to know or do before updating?  I have some disks formatted reiserfs and wasn’t sure if that mattered. 

I’m assuming I can roll back so perhaps all I need to do is backup my flash drive. My main concern would be any potential for data loss. 


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You can update to the current 6.9.0 rc without any initial changes to your disks (and can thus revert if you want).    

However if you take advantage of the option to repartition SSD devices to new alignment boundaries (which improves performance in many cases) these would then no longer be backwards compatible to 6.8.3.    The same would apply to new features like multiple cache pools which are not backwards compatible.

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