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  1. Thanks for the help @whitedwarf that worked perfectly.
  2. I'm a little confused about the warning I'm getting about my Bitwarden docker. "bitwardenrs (bitwardenrs/server:latest) has the following comments: Deprecated in favour of vaultwarden. Just replace the repository on the template with vaultwarden/server This application has been deprecated from Community Applications for that reason. While still functional, it is no longer recommended to utilize it." It's pointing me to vaultwarden/server as the repository but I'm seeing this warning message. "This project is not associated with the Bitwarden project nor 8bit Solutions LLC."4 I really don't feel comfortable using a random image of something so critical. I'm not smart enough to audit code, so who knows what the person maintaining the image could do with my information. Is there a way to use an official docker image right from Bitwarden? That sounds a lot safer to me.
  3. I apparently forgot to respond. Thanks JorgeB. I deleted the duplicate file and everything is fine.
  4. I'm hoping someone can help me. Supermicro server that's been running without issues for months now. Used for file storage and some dockers (pihole, Emby, Bitwarden, etc.) I was at work today around 2:30pm EST when I started getting reports from some of my devices that they had dropped offline. SmartThings, then Unifi, my aquarium controller, etc. When I got home the server was completely unreachable and wouldn't respond to a ping. Unfortunately, I couldn't hook up a monitor because I didn't have an adapter for the Nvidia Quadro I use for transcoding and the BIOS had disabled the onboard VGA port when I installed the card. A forced shutodwn and reboot seems to have resolved things for now. Can someone look at my logs and see why this might have happened? I'd like to fix the issue or prevent it from happening in the future. I rely on this little bugger for more than I realize sometimes! Thanks! tower-diagnostics-20210326-1656.zip
  5. My mover seems to be working for the most part, although there is one file that it refuses to move. I turned on mover logging and am attaching my diagnostics in hopes that someone can help me. The file is \Movies\Prisoners\Prisoners.bluray.mkv Thanks! tower-diagnostics-20210319-1306.zip
  6. Never mind. I got it. I was looking in the wrong place. I had to add another path to the SABnzbd docker for the movies folder. There was only one there for the TV Shows. That appears to have fixed the issue.
  7. I'm having some issues with a new docker for Radarr. I've never run Radarr on my server before, but I've been using Sonarr for years. I set them up the same, but I'm running into problems with permissions that apparently allow SAB to create a directory for the movie. I'm getting this error in SAB. Traceback (most recent call last): File "/app/sabnzbd/sabnzbd/filesystem.py", line 598, in create_all_dirs os.mkdir(path_part_combined) PermissionError: [Errno 13] Permission denied: '/movies' However, my settings are pretty much the same between Sonarr and Radarr except I'm sending the downloads to the /movies folder instead of the /tv folder.
  8. Thanks for all your help! The GTX won't fit in my SuperMicro chassis. I picked up the P620 and it should be here next week..
  9. Ah crap. I yanked it out of a machine and saw the 600 on the side and just assumed it was a P600. I guess I can always use it for a VM, right? Or is that out of the question as well? Thanks! This will work, right? I just want to use it for Emby transcoding. https://www.ebay.com/itm/NEW-HP-3ME25AT-NVIDIA-Quadro-P620-2GB-Graphics-Card-Graphic/124333179467?epid=16031747436&hash=item1cf2d5c24b:g:GgkAAOSwoAZfWomg
  10. I'm stuck at the "NVIDIA-SMI has failed because it couldn't communicate with the NVIDIA driver. Make sure that the latest NVIDIA driver is installed and running." I have a Quadro P600 card that does appear in the System Devices section. OS version is 6.9.0-rc2 and the driver version is 455.45.01. The NVIDIA document listed in the first post shows the P600 as a compatible card. I'm confident the card works since it's hooked up to my KVM console and it's working fine with that display. nvidia-smi output is the same error above. I see this in the log though, which is weird. My card is definitely listed in the compatibility list for the v455.45.01 drivers. Dec 24 17:59:59 Tower kernel: NVRM: The NVIDIA Quadro 600 GPU installed in this system is Dec 24 17:59:59 Tower kernel: NVRM: supported through the NVIDIA 390.xx Legacy drivers. Please Dec 24 17:59:59 Tower kernel: NVRM: visit http://www.nvidia.com/object/unix.html for more Dec 24 17:59:59 Tower kernel: NVRM: information. The 455.45.01 NVIDIA driver will ignore Dec 24 17:59:59 Tower kernel: NVRM: this GPU. Continuing probe... Dec 24 17:59:59 Tower kernel: NVRM: No NVIDIA graphics adapter found! Dec 24 17:59:59 Tower kernel: nvidia-nvlink: Unregistered the Nvlink Core, major device number 246 Thanks!
  11. So I’m interested in the NVIDIA pass through to Docker container option in the beta version of unRAID. I know you used to be able to do it on 6.8.3, but I guess it was pulled with the recent drama. Anyway, if I were to go Beta is there anything I need to know or do before updating? I have some disks formatted reiserfs and wasn’t sure if that mattered. I’m assuming I can roll back so perhaps all I need to do is backup my flash drive. My main concern would be any potential for data loss. Thanks!
  12. I think UNMS requires a minimum of 10 devices under your account to use their service. So unless you have clients using it then you're kind of out of luck on that one. My buddy as a USG and it's nice looking inside of the controller, but it's lacking a lot of functionality over the ERX. I have no experience with pfSense. This guy does some great videos on this kind of stuff.
  13. Thank you. I wasn't sure how all of the pieces of the puzzle fit together.
  14. So from what I'm reading @linuxserver.io left and isn't going to be updating things for unRAID anymore? Yikes! I have a pile of docker containers that they are nice enough to update for us. What do we do now? This surely sounds like a big deal.
  15. Just wanted to update this and mark it solved. The 10TB drive has been successfully added as the parity drive and the 6TB is now a data drive. Thanks JorgeB for the help!
  16. Just thought I'd see if anyone had any thoughts? I'm not getting anywhere in the Emby forum.
  17. It turns out that it was the Recycle Bin plugin I have installed. I guess I thought Move, meant Move. But apparently it means Copy, Paste and then Delete. So even though the move of the file was completed the data remained in the recycle bin.
  18. I moved some files from Disk6 to Disk11 using Windows Explorer. \\tower\disk6\Movies -> \\tower\disk11\Movies. The files were successfully moved and are no longer present on Disk6, however, the unRAID GUI still shows the same amount of free space on disk6. Disk11 however, shows less free space which makes sense. Am I going crazy here or is this a bug? I actually went through this twice so I could get screenshots since it didn't change the free space numbers the first time either. Pre-move screenshot showing disk6 and disk11 free space. Screenshot of Windows Explorer window showing move in progress between disk6 and disk11. I moved Quantum of Solace and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 2. GUI Screenshot showing space after move. Disk6 is still at 36.4GB while disk11 shows 2.41TB as opposed to the pre-move number of 2.46TB. Windows Explorer screenshot showing that Quantum of Solace and Harry Potter are no longer on disk6. I'm either crazy, or there is something wrong.
  19. I'm not really sure where this should go. I've posted on the Emby forum, but haven't really gotten anywhere. I don't know if this has to do with Emby, unRAID or ffmpeg. I'm trying to transcode (on the fly) 4K video using Emby. The server has 2 x 16 core Opteron 6380 CPUs so according to the passmark scores, it should be able to handle at least one 4K transcode. My problem is that the transcode starts at around 41fps and then slowly degrades down to ~22fps. Once that happens the transcode buffer is overrun and the stream stutters. I'm asking here because the CPUs are really just sitting there waiting for something to do. It's not like they are all maxed out at which point I would say, "Hey, this thing just can't handle it". Here is what the usage looks like at 22fps. I'm just asking here since I'm not really sure where to look....
  20. Gotcha. So I guess I did understand split level, but wasn't paying enough attention to how Emby creates and stores the supporting files. Thanks itimpi!
  21. But in that example, Season 1 can't be broken up across disks?
  22. So the swap is complete and parity has been rebuilt showing 0 errors. Is a parity check necessary or is that implied when rebuilding parity? The Dashboard says "Last check completed on Fri 11 Dec 2020 09:54:01 AM EST (today), finding 0 errors." I just want to make sure I'm good before I add the old parity drive back to the array as a data disk.
  23. Ah, wait. I see what's happening, I think. I was going to move some stuff off Disk9 and onto Disk11 manually when I saw a TV show folder that only contained banner.jpg, landscape.jpg and logo.jpg. Looking further, it appears as though those files hold the artwork for the seasons and are stored in what would be a level that can be split. For example -TV Shows ---Mom ------banner.jpg ------landscape.jpg ------logo.jpg ------Season 1 --------------S01E01 --------------S01E02 So in that example, it would be possible for the three .jpg files to exist on a disk by themselves?
  24. I thought I understood split levels, but perhaps not. Here is how the share is setup: TV Shows --TV Show Name ----Season Number -------Show.mkv For example, TV Shows ---Game of Thrones ------Season 1 -----------S01E01.mkv The share split level is set at "Automatically split only the top two directory levels". Doesn't that mean that the seasons would be kept together? Meaning all the episodes for a single season would be on the same disk? So Season 1 on Disk 1 and then Season 14 could be on Disk 4?