Anything to take care off before switching to an HBA?

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Hello People,


all my drives are currently connected to the SATA ports on my motherboard but i just got an HBA from ebay to be exact i got an Intel RS3UC080J

Which comes in JBOD mode by default.

Is there anything i need to do before switching over to this HBA or can i just put everything together and swap the cables to the HBA and everything should be working as expected?

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Just now, JorgeB said:

That is a RAID controller, it might still work or be flashable to IT mode, IT mode not always the same as JBOD, if you use a true HBA then it's plug'n play.

according to intel the RS3UC080 is the version that defaults to RAID while the J version defaults to JBOD unless you flash a RAID firmware.

The product page for the J version also says RAID Support: None


So that means i should expect it to work just like a plain HBA?

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On 12/27/2020 at 11:36 AM, JorgeB said:

OK, in that case you should be fine.

i have just done the switch to the Intel HBA and it did indeed just work out of the box without any issues, if anyone is still maintaining the hardware compatibility wiki the J variant could be added there.


Also this HBA doubled my write speeds when going from my cache to the array which proves my suspicion that this was another case of Intels bandwidth bottleneck to the chipset as on the H470 chipset they attached two m.2 4x slots and 5 SATA ports as well as all USB and network controllers via a single PCI-E 3.0 4x link to the CPU.

Now that all my drives are attached via different PCI-E lanes this link from the Chipset is clear to be used basically only by my NVME SSD´s making everything much faster.

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