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  1. is there any chance to get a Wreckfest server running via SteamCMD?
  2. i have solved this problem now with the help from some people on the unraid subreddit. the problem was that allowed IP´s needed to contain in order to route all traffic through the VPN.
  3. im having some issues getting all my traffic routed through my unraid server. I can connect both from my laptop and my phone to via VPN to the unraid server without any issues when its set to remote tunneled access but it seems like not all my traffic is routed through the server as my ip address on my phone and my laptop does not change at all. This was very annoying in the last two weeks as i wanted to use my VPN to make netflix think im still in my home country but it never worked. does anyone have any idea whats going on here?
  4. it took about a day of 100% CPU usage and now it is synced so that is working fine now. Problem is anything that i plot on my NAS using the same mnemonic seed does not show up in the GUI on my main PC its all listed under plots not found for some reason. Someone said its related to that my Chia instance in docker has a different private key then my main rig but i though the mnemonic was supposed to make sure that doesnt happen. the big question is now what can i do to make everything use the same private keys and preferably do so without losing any plots?
  5. im currently doing nothing with my Chia install on my unraid system and its basically pegging the CPU at 100% is this because its syncing or is something wrong here?
  6. People probably should look into this video here to see which SSD they wanna assign to this and if they are willing to basically destroy it withing a few weeks. TL:DW is Chia takes considerably more power to run then the marketing makes it seem its by no means a "green" crypto and within just one week of farming it wrote 50TB to the SSD which was for his higher end SSD 3% of the rated TBW so within less then a year that SSD will be hitting its TBW limit
  7. how many coins does one get when you "find" what ever they are doing here and get the reward? some online calculators say it takes months to get a reward with like 40TB of space assigned to it so you would have to get like thousands of chia coins to ever recover even the electricity cost of that. Edit: just check there is a reward of 2 XCH per block you find so if you are the chosen one after a few months you get 2 XCH which are currently worth nothing and which is expected to cost like 20 bucks if anything they say holds true and thats already an insanely high estimate
  8. the link you posted above has some number for the power consumption. are you getting a super good price for it or are you buying it for the form factor? because a simple i3 10100 has about 10% more performance while consuming less power and supporting hyper threading. This would also give you NVME support if you need that.
  9. honestly the bigger question would be do you have 10G LAN or other stuff that would require you to have a very fast array write speed or not. because most people with 1G LAN will never really feel the difference between unraid and ZFS because their network is their bottleneck.
  10. After upgrading to 6.9 (previously was running 6.9 RC2) i noticed that spinning up the array often leads to error messages in the log and some disk randomly dont spin up. Sometimes it all works fine and other times 2-3 disks dont spin up. All disks are connected to the same backplane which is connected to one port of the HBA, clicking spin up again usually works and spins up all the remaining disks. The have noticed that my 3TB WD Red 5400RPM drive seems to spin up most of the time while my other 3 8TB Seagate 7200RPM drives randomly dont spin up on the first try.t
  11. when i spin up all drives i get this error under 6.9 Stable only two drives spin up the others stay spun down, all drives are connected to the same backplane going to an HBA. Mar 2 12:10:32 TheVault emhttpd: Spinning up all drives... Mar 2 12:10:32 TheVault emhttpd: spinning up /dev/sdg Mar 2 12:10:32 TheVault emhttpd: spinning up /dev/sdd Mar 2 12:10:32 TheVault emhttpd: spinning up /dev/sde Mar 2 12:10:32 TheVault emhttpd: spinning up /dev/sdf Mar 2 12:10:48 TheVault kernel: sd 1:0:3:0: attempting task abort!scmd(0x00000000d857461f), outstanding for 15523 ms & timeo
  12. früher mit 1G LAN habe ich alles Lokal bearbeitet und dann verschoben. Jetzt habe ich 10G LAN und arbeite mit den Daten wo auch immer sie gerade liegen weil mein Bottleneck jetzt immer die performance der SSD oder HDD ist genau so als würde ich lokal damit arbeiten.
  13. naja ECC brauch man ja nicht unbedingt unter unraid gibt es ja nativ eh kein ZFS und das wäre ja auch absolut gegen das was unraid eigentlich ist.
  14. Wenn du dann später mehr SATA ports brauchst und 10G LAN willst werden dir hier die PCI-E Slots ausgehen. Ich würde sehr empfehlen ein intel System zu bauen dann kannst du dir die GPU komplett sparen das spart nicht nur Strom sondern auch einen PCI-E Slot
  15. well seems like nobody knows that UPS, is there any special standard how a UPS communicated with unraid that i should look for?